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4LAB™ Automated Low Volume Liquid Handling

4lab6.jpg The 4LAB™ is an automated, high-precision pipetting system specifically designed for low volume liquid handling. It is both easy-to-use and affordable. 4LAB™ is designed to replace manual PCR/qPCR sample preparation. Accuracy, precision and consistency are guaranteed, and reagent wastage is reduced.


  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • Affordable solution.
  • Easy to service.
  • Accurate and precise.

4s3™ Semi-Automatic Sheet Heat Sealer

4ti-0655_1.jpgThe 4s3™ is a semi-automatic heat sealer which is compatible with a wide range of seals and plates of differing designs and heights. With variable temperature and time settings, sealing conditions are easily optimised to produce a 100% seal, eliminating sample loss.


  • Automatic sealing process for unmatched sealing consistency.
  • Variable temperature and time settings for easy optimisation of sealing conditions.
  • Simple, single button operation.
  • Rapid heating element for fast start up.
  • Real-time temperature display.
  • Auto stand-by function to save energy.
  • Auto switch off function for added safety.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of consumables.
  • RS-232 serial port enables full integration with robot automation systems.
  • Low temperature sealing for use with adhesive seals.

a4S Automatic Roll Heat Sealer

4ti-0665_profile_680.jpgThe a4S Automatic Roll Heat Sealer provides the perfect solution for automated heat sealing of medium to high-throughput or full automation applications. It does not require an air supply, which gives it the flexibility to be used on standard lab benches as a stand-alone unit, or integrated within a robotic set‑up.


  • Simple Installation.
  • Easy Handling.
  • Reproducible Sealing.
  • Highest Flexibility.
  • Economic Efficiency.

Barcode Rack Scanner (4ti-4000)

rack-scanner-with-cryolid.jpgThe barcode rack scanner (4ti-4000) scans 2D codes in an SBS footprint or cryorack format. Different masks are available for the different consumables. After scanning, the data can be exported in a variety of file formats for use with sample management systems.


  • Accomodates 2D codes.
  • SBS footprint or cryorack format.
  • Different masks available.
  • Data can be exported in a variety of file formats.

Hand Held Barcode Scanner (4ti-4060)

4ti-4060.jpgThe compact hand held barcode scanner, 4ti-4060, delivers the speed typical of laser scanners on any barcode, including both 1D and 2D codes. This scanner has universal flexibility - it can be connected to any computer, via built in USB cable, without the need for a software download. Barcodes are instantly read and displayed wherever the cursor is placed, in any software on your computer.


  • Ease of handling.
  • Instant insertion of code.
  • Multi-format use.
  • Accommodates 2D codes.
  • Omnidirectional scan pattern.
  • Industry-leading scanning speed on every barcode.
  • True point-and-shoot first time scanning.
  • Supports all common interfaces.
  • Durable design.

Tube Marker™ 2

4ti-0680_685.jpgDesigned to directly print text, linear barcodes, 2D codes and graphics on tubes using patent pending Thermal Pixel Printing technology. The TubeMarker™ 2 allows printing directly onto the surface of plastic laboratory tubes between 8 mm - 28 mm* in diameter.


  • Prints directly on the surface of plastic laboratory tubes; labels and stickers are not required.
  • Most 0.2ml to 50ml volume tubes with a smooth surface can be used
  • Both vertical and horizontal marketing are producible
  • Prints text, linear barcords, datamatrix (2D) codes and graphic files (monochrome .bmp, .gif, or .tiff) such as logos
  • Automatic printing delay for increased throughput and easier functionality
  • Labels printed in second
  • Easy import of data from Microsoft Excel such as .xls, .xlsx, and .csv files
  • Optimised tube setting can be saved for future reference
  • Adjustable tube support platform for tubes without a lip/collar or for altering the label position
  • Adjustable sled pivot point improves overall print quality for larger labels and tubes; the added visual reference optimises pressure point and increases print reproducibility

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PCR Plates, microplates & tubes

2-Component PCR Plates

framestar-group.jpgFrameStar® 2-component technology reduces evaporation from PCR plates, improving your results and allowing you to reduce the volume of expensive reagents to save you money. FrameStar® plates combine the advantages of ultra-thin walled polypropylene tubes for optimum PCR results, with a rigid polycarbonate frame to increase the thermal stability of the plate during the PCR process. What results is a plate that not only provides you with highly accurate results, but also allows you to use less reagent in the process, as the polycarbonate frame does not warp and expand during rapid temperature change. This means the integrity of the seal is not compromised, preventing sample evaporation.

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More Details

96 Well ABI® FastPlate Style Plates

96 Well Non-Skirted Low Profile Plates

96 Well Non-Skirted Plates

96 Well Roche Style Plates

96 Well Semi-Skirted Plates, Cut Corner A12

96 Well Semi-Skirted Plates, Cut Corner H1

96 Well Skirted Plates

384 Well Plates

384 Well Roche Style Plates

Black Solid Bottom Assay Plates

black.jpgThe 4titude® black, solid bottom assay plate has been specifically designed for fluorescence, luminescence and scintillation applications. Made from polystyrene, it is also suitable for homogeneous assays employing fluorescence intensity, FRET and TR-FRET where measurements are top-read. This high quality plate assures the necessary accuracy and consistency for automated high throughput systems, generating optimum signal to noise ratios.

24 Well Assay Plate

96 Well Assay Plate

96 Well Black Assay Plate, Pyramid Flat Bottom

384 Well Assay Plate

Breakable PCR Plates

break-a-way-image.jpgFrameStar® Break-A-Way and Break-2-Ways plates can be easily divided into smaller plate sections, ensuring no tubes are wasted. Break-A-Way and Break-2-Ways plates use the 2-component design of the FrameStar® and FrameStrip® range. This combines the advantages of thin-walled polypropylene tubes for optimum PCR results, and a rigid polycarbonate frame for easy and reliable handling. When used as a plate the benefits of FrameStar® are realised - evaporation, particularly from corner positions and outer rows of wells, is minimal. This allows for the downscaling of reagent volumes. When used in strips the benefits of FrameStrips® are seen, where the rigid two-component design ensures the strip remains straight and stable for ease of handling and enabling 2D barcoding.

Break-2-Ways Plates

Break-A-Way Plates

Low Profile Break-A-Way Plates

Tear-A-Way™ 96 Well Divisible Plates

Clear Assay Microplates

clear.jpgClear well assay microplates are ideal for colorimetric assays, ELISA, and sample storage due to the clear polystyrene frames giving superior optical clarity.

96 Well Clear Assay Plate, Pyramid Flat Bottom

384 Well Assay Plate

Microcentrifuge Tube

microcentrifuge-tube.png2.0ml microcentrifuge tubes, clear polypropylene, graduated, with frosted window and flat, safe-lock cap

PCR Tubes & Strips

tubestripsgeneral.jpgPCR tubes and cap strips are manufactured from virgin polypropylene in a 7 ISO certified cleanroom production facility. Thin-walled tubes maximise heat transfer and all of the PCR consumables are certified free from RNase, DNase, human genomic DNA and pyrogens. FrameStrip® tube strips are a unique 2-component design with thin-walled polypropylene tubes for efficient heat transfer, and a frame moulded from polycarbonate. Together, this can create a rigid tube strip for easy and reliable handling which can be 2D coded and is available in various colours. Additionally, there are individual 0.2 ml PCR tubes with either tethered flat or domed caps, and tube cap strips, in again either flat or domed form, for easy sealing of the tube strips.

2-Component PCR Tube Strips

Individual 0.2ml PCR Tubes

PCR Cap Strips

Strips of 8 PCR Tubes

Strips of 8 PCR Tubes With Tethered Caps

Tube Strips, Rotor-Gene® Style

Standard PCR Plates

standard-pcr.jpgThere is a wide range of PCR consumables for low to medium throughput applications. The standard one-piece PCR plates are manufactured from virgin polypropylene in a Class 7 ISO certified cleanroom production facility, and comply to the same stringent QC requirements as the FrameStar® range. The ultra-thin walled tubes of the standard PCR plates maximise heat transfer and the raised rims facilitate sealing. The range includes non-skirted, semi-skirted, and fully skirted plates, available in clear or white (for qPCR techniques), with additional colours for non-skirted plates available.

96 Well Protein Digestion Plate

96 Well Roche Style Semi-Skirted qPCR Plates

96 Well Standard Non-Skirted Plates

96 Well Standard Semi-Skirted Plates

96 Well Standard Skirted Plates

Segments of the Non-Skirted Plate

Tear-A-Way™ 96 Well Divisible Plates

Storage Plates

storage-plates.jpgThere is a wide range of plates available to support different applications and levels of throughput. The storage plates are produced in cleanroom facilities which are certified free of RNase, DNase, human genomic DNA and endotoxins. The storage plates have a standard SBS footprint and are therefore compatible with robotics and automation.

384 Deep Well Storage Microplate

Reservoir Plates

Round 96 Deep Well Storage Plates

Round 96 Deep Well Storage Plates for use with Magnetic Separators

Round 96 Well Microplates

Square 96 Deep Well Storage Plates

More Details
More Details
More Details

UltraVision™ Plates

UltraVision™ Plates consist of a frame and a special optically ultra-clear base which gives superior results by delivering low absorbance and high-transmission, together with low background signals. Due to the incredible optical clarity of the UV base, the UltraVision™ Plates deliver improved transmission of signals at low wavelengths when compared to standard optical films.

UltraVision™ Plate 384 and 96 Well

4ti-0214-main.jpgThe main advantage of using UltraVision™ Plates is in the optically ultra-clear base of the plate, which gives superior results by delivering low absorbance and high transmission, together with low background signals. the ultra-clear base of the UltraVision™ Plate delivers improved transmission of signals at low wavelengths compared to standard optical films. It allows DNA measurements at 260/280 nm wavelengths in a medium or high throughput.


  • Ultra-clear base improves transmission for low wavelengths.
  • Peel-back film on the base for scratch free surface.
  • Optimum signal-to-noise ratios.
  • Alphanumeric grid reference.
  • Low profile lid available.
  • Suitable for adhesive and heat sealing.
  • Free from DNase, RNase and human genomic DNA.

VariStrips™ & VariPlates™

vari-plate-image.jpgVari-Strips™ are low profile PCR tube strips that are moulded from virgin polypropylene under cleanroom conditions. They can be used either as a stand-alone product, or with the Vari-Plate™ frames for ease of handling. The Vari-Strips™ fit securely into the Vari-Plate™ frames to form a part or complete 96 well plate, and can easily be removed for the frame to be reused.



Vision Plates™

vision-plate-parallax1.jpgThe Vision Plate™ microplate range has been designed for high content screening (HCS) assays in drug development and related areas. It is also suitable for homogeneous assays employing fluorescence intensity, FRET and TR-FRET where measurements are bottom-read. This high quality optical base plate assures the necessary accuracy and consistency for automated high throughput systems, generating optimum signal to noise ratios.

Vision Plate™ 24 Well

Vision Plate™ 96 Well

Vision Plate™ 384 Well

Mimetix® Multi-Well Plate

White Solid Bottom Assay Microplates

white.jpgThe white solid bottom assay microplates have been specifically designed for luminescence applications, such as Luciferase Reporter Assays, due to the white plate maximising signal intensity in cases of low signal from some or all the wells. The plates give optimum results from most top-reading instruments, and conform to the standard SBS footprint.

96 Well Assay Plate

384 Well Assay Plate

96 Well White Assay Plate, Pyramid Flat Bottom

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Adhesive Seals

4titude® offers the widest range of adhesive sealing solutions available on the market. The adhesive sheet seals are supplied with convenient tabs on both ends for ease of application. These tabs enable easy peeling for seal removal without leaving adhesive residue on the sealing surface. They also offer a number of the seals in various roll formats compatible with most roll sealers on the market, for ease of use or for automation.


DMSO and Solvent Resistant Foil Seal

Double Skin Breathable Film

Gas Permeable Imaging Seal

InterSeal - Double Sided Adhesive Plate Seal

Microplate Seal

PCR Foil Seal

PCR Foil Seal Strong

PCR Seal

Pierceable Film

Pierceable Film 384

qPCR Seal

Q-Stick™ for qPCR

Cap Strips


crystalstrip_pcrcapstrip_685.jpgOptically superior crystal clear strips of 8 flat caps for effective sealing of plates, part plates and strips of 8 tubes. The new CrystalStrips™ offer the perfect supplement to the existing range of PCR Cap Strips. Due to their improved optical properties and evaporation-safe fit, the strips are ideally suited for applications where small volumes are used, e.g. low volume qPCR.


  • Improved optical properties.
  • High transmission rates.
  • Ideally suited for small samples with low signal intensity.
  • Reduced shrinking during heating and cooling phases.
  • Very tight sealing.
  • Flexibility between the pitch of the individual caps.

PCR Caps Strips

capstrips_group_685.jpgCompatible with tube strips and 96 well PCR plates. These strips are moulded from virgin polypropylene in a Class 7 ISO certified cleanroom production facility, and comply to the same stringent requirements as the FrameStar® range.


  • Flat caps are optically clear for fluorescence detection.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Large end tabs for easy removal.
  • Labelled for orientation.


eb7015f514daa7859e682c27a01a100a_f743.jpg FrameSeal™ utilises a sheet of standard 4titude® heat sealing material mounted onto a disposable, rigid plastic frame. A FrameSeal™ can be places either manually, or with a robotic gripper, onto a wide range of skirted and semi-skirted microplates (including PCR plates). After sealing, there is the option to remove the frame by tearing along pre-cut lines to leave the heat seal in place on the plate surface.


  • Easy to handle.
  • Ability to sterilise.
  • Improves the quality control of every seal.
  • Allows the use of sheeted sealing material in automation.

Heat Seals

Heat sealing is the gold standard method for plate and tube sealing. It prevents sample loss and maximises sample security, by facilitating a 100% complete seal and preventing evaporation, leakage and contamination.

96 INDI™ Seal

Black Seal

Clear Seal

Clear Seal 3730

Clear Seal Plus

Clear Weld Seal Mark II

DMSO Resistant Peel Seal

Foil Seal

Gas Permeable Clear Seal

Gas Permeable Seal Mk 2

Peel Seal

Pierce Seal

Pierce Seal Strong

Polystyrene Foil Seal

Thermal Bond Heat Sealing Foil

Lids and Mats

Plate Lids

lids-main.jpgThese microplate lids are designed to give a quick and easy sealing solution to the range of FrameStar® PCR Plates, Vision Plates™ and other microplates. A variety of lids are available.


  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • Protect samples from contamnation and evaporation.
  • A variety of lids are available for FrameStar® and Microplates.

Sealing Mats

4ti-0135.jpgThese cap mats are made of silicone rubber, a material that is highly durable to high temperatures, and so can be used to seal storage plates being used for high-temperature storage to protect samples from evaporation.


  • Reduce sample evaporation.
  • Suitable for high-temperature storage.
  • Made of silicone rubber.
  • Highly durable.
  • A range of sealing mats are available.

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Adhesive Seal Plate Holder

plate-holder-1.jpgThis FrameStar® plate holder offers and effective platform support for 384-well plates, to improve the application and adhesion of adhesive seals. The plate holder's design ensures that a plate is held perfectly flat so that even pressure can be applied by the roller to give a complete, even and consistent seal.


  • For use with 384-well plates.
  • Improves application and adhesion of adhesive seals.
  • Effective platform support.
  • Ensures that the plate is held perfectly flat.

Adhesive Seal Roller

roller-1.jpgTo obtain the best sealing results when using the Adhesive Seals, use the Adhesive Seal Roller. This application roller ensures even pressure is applied across the seal for complete and secure application to your plate, across every well. The roller handle is made of a durable plastic, with a semi-hard padded rolling wheel.


  • Ensures even pressure is applied across the seal.
  • Made of durable plastic.
  • Semi-hard padded rolling wheel.

Ergo Freeze Cooling Block

4ti-0395_main.jpgThe SBS-sized cooling blocks, available in pink and yellow, are the perfect PCR accessory. Once frozen for 8 hours at -20°C, they turn from pink to purple and from yellow to green respectively and maintain a temperature of 4°C for about 2.5 hours. At 7°C, the blocks return to their original colour, clearly showing when they are no longer refrigerating the samples. As Ergo Freeze Blocks are in SBS-format, they are also suitable for automated use. Their 96 well format is suitable for cooling plates and tubes, compatible with standard and low profile PCR tubes, strips of tubes, part plates and 96 well plates.


  • Maintain PCR samples at 4°C for up to 2.5 hours.
  • SBS sized.
  • Available in pink and yellow.
  • At 7°C the blocks return to their original colour.
  • Suitable for automated use.
  • Suitable for cooling plates and tubes.

Optical Film Compression Pad

optical-film-compression-pad.jpgThe Optical Film Compression Pad is a soft silicone foam mat laminated to a non-stick PTFE film. When used in conjunction with an adhesive seal and a thermal cycler heated lid, the pad enhances the adhesion between the seal and the PCR plate. This in turn improves results by reducing sample evaporation. The 96 holes align with the wells of the PCR plate, ensuring the mat is compatible with qPCR instrumentation which image through the top of the well.


  • Laminated with non-stick PTFE film.
  • Enhances the adhesion between seal and plate.
  • Reduces sample evaporation.
  • Compatible with qPCR instrumentation.

Pierce Plate

4ti-0398.jpgThis useful tool is a machine-engineered metal block with 96 pins aligned central to each well of a 96 well plate. The pierce plate's 96 pins pierce every well of a heat or adhesive-sealed 96 well PCR or microplate (pierceable seals only). Enables instant access to samples with a single or multichannel pipette or automated system.


  • Can pierce every well of a pierceable heat or adhesive-sealed 96 well PCR or microplate.
  • Enables instant access to samples.

Thermal Test Film

4ti-0640.jpgThermal Test Film can be used in conjunction with a roll fed or sheet fed heat sealer to check the uniformity and reproducibility of the heat sealing block of the instrument. The film can be used to effectively test the temperature of the heating block between 160 - 200°C.


  • Can be used with a roll sheet fed heat sealer.
  • Checks uniformity and reproducibility.
  • Can test the temperature between 160 - 200°C.

White Marker Pen

white-marker-pen.jpgThis white marker pen is ideal for labelling our Vision Plates™, FrameStar® plates, FrameStrips® and other coloured microplates or PCR plates. The resulting waterproof ink cannot be removed using aqueous or organic solvents.


  • Waterproof ink.
  • Cannot be removed using aquesous or organic solvents.

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