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Secondary antibodies

Most popular Abcam secondary antibodies by species:
Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG: AF®488  | AF®647  | AF®594  |HRP 
Goat Anti-Mouse IgG: AF®488  | AF®647  |HRP
Donkey Anti-Rabbit IgG: AF®488  | AF®647   
Donkey Anti-Mouse IgG: AF®488  | AF®647   
Cross-adsorbed: Goat Anti-Mouse AF®488  | Goat Anti-Rabbit AF®647  | Donkey Anti-Rat AF®647

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ELISA and matched antibody pairs

Save time with consistent, sensitive and specific immunoassay tools across 1,000 targets.

Matched antibody pairs are a capture antibody and a detection antibody, used in sandwich ELISAs to bind to the protein of interest. Just like any other antibody, these pairs need to be specific and sensitive to give the best results. Abcam uses recombinant antibodies in their matched antibody pairs, for unrivaled reproducibility and outstanding sensitivity. Develop your own immunoassay with pairs that can be broken down to individual capture and detector antibodies, paired with other proteins or components, and are available in carrier-free formats.

ELISA kits are kits containing all the reagents and tools you need to conduct an ELISA. High-quality matched antibody pairs as the base of Abcam's ELISA kits give you reproducible results over time. SimpleStep ELISA® kits are kits with recombinant matched antibody pairs, designed to reduce your experiment time.

Benefits of Abcam's SimpleStep ELISA® kits:

  • Speed: Get results in just 90 minutes, with a single wash step.
  • Sensitive & specific: Each kit is validated in biological samples.
  • Choice: Abcam's range covers over 1,000 targets across multiple research areas, including infectious disease and biosimilars.
  • Reproducible: Recombinant antibody pairs ensure low inter and intra variability, with guaranteed long-term supply.
  • Flexible: Adapt your immunoassays with matched antibody pairs, components, and proteins

They also provide guides, webinars, and other resources to help you get the best results in your immunoassay experiment. Whether you're bringing your expertise up to date or getting started for the first time, learn everything from the basic principles of ELISA to how to analyse your data.

ELISA kits

Quantify your protein of interest with one of Abcam's specific and sensitive ELISA kits covering over 1,000 targets.

Matched antibody pairs and reagents

Easily adapt or scale up your immunoassays with matched antibody pairs in carrier-free format (BSA, glycerol, and azide free).

Multiplex immunoassays

Combine assays for many analytes in a single reaction volume with Abcam's customizable FirePlex multiplex assays.

SimpleStep ELISA® kits

Highly sensitive results in 90 minutes or less with just one wash step.

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Cell and tissue imaging tools

Immunohistochemistry kits & reagents

Clear and reproducible staining images require high quality reagents and accessories. Abcam offer over 800 kits, reagents and accessories for tissue and cell imaging, designed to help you obtain high quality staining results in your immunohistochemistry (IHC) and fixed and live cell imaging experiments.

Subcellular and plasma membrane markers

The nuclear, cytoplasmic, membrane, and organelle antibodies you need.

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Cellular and biochemical assays

Guide to apoptosis analysis ebook vol 1

Detecting and quantifying cellular processes such as cell death or metabolic reactions requires high quality tools. Abcam have over 750 cellular and biochemical assays, covering a wide range of research areas including Apoptosis, Cell signaling and Metabolism, to help you quickly obtain accurate and reproducible results.

Quick and easy detection of ROS

Quantify reactive oxygen species (ROS) in one simple step with DCFDA.

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Verified proteins & peptides for popular targets

Abcam have an extensive range of proteins and peptides including cytokines, growth factors, signaling proteins, viral and bacterial antigens, human immunoglobulins and more. Guaranteed high quality and purity, they are validated in popular applications and verified by you through reviews and high impact factor publications.

Premium bioactive proteins

View Abcam's latest highest grade proteins specifically designed to provide consistency within your cell culture experiments.

Animal free proteins

Reduce experimental variables associated with animal or mammalian pathogens by using proteins produced in animal free conditions.

Immunoglobin proteins

View Abcam's popular Immunoglobulin proteins including native and recombinant in multiple species of origin.

High quality cytokines

Browse Abcam's extensive range of high quality guaranteed cytokines, chemokines and growth factors.

Biologically active proteins

View Abcam's range of fully validated biologically active proteins.

Cytokine network poster

Explore the cytokine network and find key products to support your research with Abcam's interactive poster.

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Proteomics tools

Save time and get high quality results with our SDS-PAGE and western blot tools

Abcam's protein research tools are designed to give you consistent and accurate results. Their portfolio includes antibody arrays  and kits and reagents for western blot, protein electrophoresiscellular fractionation  and protein purification and quantification.

Protein purification beads

High performance resins for protein/antibody purification and immunoprecipitation.

Mitochondria isolation kits

For easy isolation of mitochondria from cell cultures and tissues.

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Agonists, antagonists, activators and inhibitors

Biochemical molecules can affect the specific function of a protein, leading to a change in the cell process. Gain access to a growing product line that includes a vast selection of innovative products and services to support drug discovery, life science, medical, and biomedical research in high purity and convenient sizes.

You will find high-quality, highly cited ligands, modulators of ligand and voltage-gated ion channels, cell signaling pathway tools, and enzyme inhibitors to support your research within the range. Small‐molecule enzyme inhibitors account for approximately 50 % of approved drugs and can also be powerful chemical tools for probing biological systems. Most of these inhibitors displace either substrate or cofactor, providing a clear target for ligand discovery.

Abcam's small molecules, agonists, antagonists, activators, and inhibitors are trusted products backed by superior customer service and the continuous Abcam commitment to improved quality. To help you attain better, faster results, Abcam strive to achieve the highest purity and minimize the presence of solvent to exceed the current market quality levels.

In addition, Abcam also offer multiple chemicals for permanent and temporary labeling of organelles, proteins, and other molecules, as well as gold standard labeling dyes, such as DAPI, Hoechst, and JC-1. Their dyes and stains include reagents for the covalent linkage of target proteins, fluorescent probes, reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (ROS/RNS) detection tools, and click-chemistry reagents.

Say no to molecular calculations

Save time with water soluble, simple stock solutions. Simply add 1 mL of water and start your experiment.

Clathrin-mediated endocytosis (CME) inhibitors

Discover Abcam's exclusive Pitstop®​ compounds to selectively inhibit clathrin-mediated endocytosis​.

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Cell lines and lysates

Abcam's portfolio of cell lines and lysates includes CRISPR knockouts, iPSC-derived neurons, along with standard cell lysates from a range of species and immortalized cell lines, and both healthy and diseased  tissue lysates. All their cell lines and lysates are validated in key applications and verified through abreviews by you.

Knock-out cell lines

​​ Engineered and ready for you, find reliable, off-the-shelf, single-gene knock-outs in a number of immortalized cell backgrounds.

Knock-out cell lysates 

Discover Abcam's range of knock-out cell lysates and get quick and simple solutions for your validation studies.

Custom CRISPR cell engineering services

Your edit, our expertise - engineered and ready for you.

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FirePlex® miRNA Platform

Multiplex miRNA assays with FirePlex particle technology  enables simultaneous profiling of 65 miRNAs directly from small amounts of biofluid or FFPE, without RNA purification or pre-amplification, with assay readout on a standard flow cytometer .

  • Small sample input: 20ul of serum, plasma, urine, exosomes, single 5 µm FFPE section.
  • Extraction-free: Eliminate extraction bias, reduce variability, simplify workflow, and conserve your sample.
  • Easy and rapid data analysis with FirePlex Analysis Workbench software: Carry out complex analysis and visualization, as well as export publication-quality heat maps and graphs in under ten minutes.
  • No specialized equipment is required: Readout is performed on standard flow cytometers
  • Parallel processing of 96 samples: Multiplexed detection of up to 70 targets (65 miRNA and 5 internal controls) in 96-well plate
  • A customizable biomarker development platform: Select between pre-designed panels for key research areas, larger discovery panels, or design custom panels to detect any miRNA from any species, whether annotated in miRBase or not.

To learn more about the performance of FirePlex miRNA assays and their comparison with the other platforms, check out the tech notes below:

Benchmarking the FirePlex® miRNA Assay

MicroRNA profiling using the Multiplex Circulating miRNA assay

Molecular and protocol workflows for FirePlex miRNA assays

Custom miRNA panels

Design a custom particle panel to profile miRNAs of choice for your experiment​

FirePlex miRNA analysis software

Download software and guides for the FirePlex Analysis Workbench.​

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Multiplex assays

Multiplex assays combine  several target analytes in a single reaction volume to  enable researchers to measure multiple biomarkers simultaneously. By measuring multiple analytes in the same reaction volume, multiplex assays allow you to harvest more insightful data to inform better decision-making, accelerate research and increase the pace of discovery. 

Abcam offer a wide range of multiplex assays, such as antibody arrays and FirePlex ®  assays, including their class-leading high-throughput FirePlex-384 and FirePlex-1536 formats.   

FirePlex multiplex assays

Abcam's FirePlex multiplex assays are designed with multiplexing in mind, to help you overcome common challenges in biomarker analysis and accelerate discovery. FirePlex particle technology allows us to build multiplex assays with high plex, sensitivity, and high throughput capacity (in 384-well and 1536-well plate formats).

Compared to traditional multiplex assays, FirePlex assays provide a faster, automatable workflow, smaller sample requirements, and easy readout on both flow cytometers and high-content imagers, saving hands-on time and sample. With the high sensitivity and unrivaled reproducibility capabilities of recombinant antibodies, FirePlex multiplex assays power your progress with robust, consistent data.

Abcam offer FirePlex assays for multiplex proteins (FirePlex immunoassays) or miRNA (FirePlex miRNA assays) analysis, including:

  • FirePlex-96 immunoassay: up to 70-plex in 96-well plate, ideal for biomarker profiling.
  • FirePlex-384 and FirePlex-1536 immunoassays : up to 10-plex high-throughput (384- and 1536-well) formats with no-wash, automated workflow, suitable for drug discovery and high-throughput compound or biomarker screening
  • FirePlex miRNA assays : miRNAs profiling directly from small amounts of biofluid or FFPE, without RNA purification or pre-amplification steps.

Antibody arrays

Abcam's antibody arrays, which are similar to ELISA but with enhanced multiplexing capabilities, can analyze hundreds of different proteins simultaneously at significantly lower cost, time, and effort.

Quantitative and semi-quantitative arrays offer 40 and 96 analyte multiplexing respectively, for comparative analysis of cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, as well as many other biological proteins and pathways in human, mouse, rat, and other species.

High-throughput FirePlex assays

Accelerate your path to clinical success with Abcam's high-throughput, automation-friendly format, to facilitate high-volume biomarker testing throughout drug discovery:

  • 384- and 1536-well plate format
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Easy readout on high-content imagers

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