From tools to help you achieve a better seal, to marker pens for coloured laboratory plastics - there are a number of accessories available for your PCR needs.

Product List:

Adhesive Seal Plate Holder

plate-holder-1.jpgThis FrameStar® plate holder offers and effective platform support for 384-well plates, to improve the application and adhesion of adhesive seals. The plate holder's design ensures that a plate is held perfectly flat so that even pressure can be applied by the roller to give a complete, even and consistent seal.


  • For use with 384-well plates.
  • Improves application and adhesion of adhesive seals.
  • Effective platform support.
  • Ensures that the plate is held perfectly flat.

Adhesive Seal Roller

roller-1.jpgTo obtain the best sealing results when using the Adhesive Seals, use the Adhesive Seal Roller. This application roller ensures even pressure is applied across the seal for complete and secure application to your plate, across every well. The roller handle is made of a durable plastic, with a semi-hard padded rolling wheel.


  • Ensures even pressure is applied across the seal.
  • Made of durable plastic.
  • Semi-hard padded rolling wheel.

Ergo Freeze Cooling Block

4ti-0395_main.jpgThe SBS-sized cooling blocks, available in pink and yellow, are the perfect PCR accessory. Once frozen for 8 hours at -20°C, they turn from pink to purple and from yellow to green respectively and maintain a temperature of 4°C for about 2.5 hours. At 7°C, the blocks return to their original colour, clearly showing when they are no longer refrigerating the samples. As Ergo Freeze Blocks are in SBS-format, they are also suitable for automated use. Their 96 well format is suitable for cooling plates and tubes, compatible with standard and low profile PCR tubes, strips of tubes, part plates and 96 well plates.


  • Maintain PCR samples at 4°C for up to 2.5 hours.
  • SBS sized.
  • Available in pink and yellow.
  • At 7°C the blocks return to their original colour.
  • Suitable for automated use.
  • Suitable for cooling plates and tubes.

Optical Film Compression Pad

optical-film-compression-pad.jpgThe Optical Film Compression Pad is a soft silicone foam mat laminated to a non-stick PTFE film. When used in conjunction with an adhesive seal and a thermal cycler heated lid, the pad enhances the adhesion between the seal and the PCR plate. This in turn improves results by reducing sample evaporation. The 96 holes align with the wells of the PCR plate, ensuring the mat is compatible with qPCR instrumentation which image through the top of the well.


  • Laminated with non-stick PTFE film.
  • Enhances the adhesion between seal and plate.
  • Reduces sample evaporation.
  • Compatible with qPCR instrumentation.

Pierce Plate

4ti-0398.jpgThis useful tool is a machine-engineered metal block with 96 pins aligned central to each well of a 96 well plate. The pierce plate's 96 pins pierce every well of a heat or adhesive-sealed 96 well PCR or microplate (pierceable seals only). Enables instant access to samples with a single or multichannel pipette or automated system.


  • Can pierce every well of a pierceable heat or adhesive-sealed 96 well PCR or microplate.
  • Enables instant access to samples.

Thermal Test Film

4ti-0640.jpgThermal Test Film can be used in conjunction with a roll fed or sheet fed heat sealer to check the uniformity and reproducibility of the heat sealing block of the instrument. The film can be used to effectively test the temperature of the heating block between 160 - 200°C.


  • Can be used with a roll sheet fed heat sealer.
  • Checks uniformity and reproducibility.
  • Can test the temperature between 160 - 200°C.

White Marker Pen

white-marker-pen.jpgThis white marker pen is ideal for labelling our Vision Plates™, FrameStar® plates, FrameStrips® and other coloured microplates or PCR plates. The resulting waterproof ink cannot be removed using aqueous or organic solvents.


  • Waterproof ink.
  • Cannot be removed using aquesous or organic solvents.



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