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MARS® – Multiphysics Automated Reconfigurable Separation Platform

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Debris Removal and Sample Prep for Downstream Analysis

Tumor Biology
Oncology, rare cells, biomarkers

Cell Therapy
Sample prep PLUS cell selection, immune cells, +/- selection


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MARS Cell Separation

Sample Prep & Cell Separation

2x Wash / Concentration Modules
1x Magnetic Separation Module

  • Fully automated / walk-away workflow
  • Process up to 10 mL whole blood/run
  • Sample Flow Rate: 1 mL/min

MARS Sample Prep

Parallel Sample Processing

3x Wash / Concentration Modules

  • Process up to 3 samples in parallel
  • Fast & easy prep of complex samples
  • Sample Flow Rate: 1 mL/min


Parallel Cell Separation

3x Magnetic Separation Modules

  • Purify & enrich up to 3 samples in parallel
  • Fully automated / walk-away workflow
  • Sample Flow Rate: 1 mL/min

MARS – A multiphysics approach for complete cell preparation & isolation

MARS incorporates Applied Cells' proprietary acoustic active-microfluidics and immune-magnetic separation technologies

MARS Workflow

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