NGS Analysis

NextGENe is the perfect analytical partner for the analysis of desktop sequencing data produced by the ION PGM™, Roche Junior, Illumina MiSeq as well as high throughput systems as the Ion Torrent Proton, Roche FLX, Applied BioSystems SOLiD ™ and Illumina® platforms. NextGENe software runs on a Windows® Operating System, which provides a biologist-friendly point & click interface, and does not require scripting or other bioinformatics support, which is often required when using programs such as CLC Bio, LaserGene , DNASTAR, MAQ, SOAP, Top Hat, BWA and Bowtie.

NextGENe software employs unique platform specific technologies in one free-standing multi-application package. NextGENe software contains analysis modules for SNP/INDEL & Structural Variant Analysis (resequencing & Amplicon analysis), Copy Number Variation (CNV), Prediction and Rare Disease Discovery; Whole Genome Alignment; Transcriptome; Alternate Splicing of Exons & Transcript Expression levels; RNA Seq; ChIP-Seq, Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE) analysis; Digital Gene Expression (DGE), Exome Assembly & Variant Discovery; miRNA Analysis & Quantification; Metagenomics; de novo assembly, CNV and Exome Capture.


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