Variant Analysis

Ingenuity Variant Analysis combines powerful analytical tools and unparalleled content from the Ingenuity Knowledge Base to rapidly identify the most compelling disease variants in human sequencing data. Hundreds of samples can be analysed in just hours, using selection criteria based on published evidence and knowledge of disease biology.

Ingenuity Variant Analysis enables:

  • Faster analysis in just a few hours.
  • Prioritization of variants along biologically relevant filter criteria.
  • Focus on variants demonstrated to be implicated in the phenotype of interest.
  • Filtering variants based on robust statistics for cancer, kindred, proband, and cohort studies.

Variant Analysis compiles all gene variants within a dataset and enables this list to be quickly narrowed down through an interactive series of filters. This Interactive Filter Cascade can be adapted to reflect selection criteria of interest and their importance to the research question at hand.


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