Absorbance Microplate Readers

Product List:

Epoch 2 Microplate Spectrophotometer

epoch2_left-sm.jpgEpoch™ 2 Microplate Spectrophotometer offers excellent performance for UV-Vis measurements in 6- to 384-well microplates, cuvettes and in micro-volume samples with the available Take3™ Micro-Volume Plate. The optional touchscreen interface makes it easy to choose from pre-defined protocols or to define custom programs. Endpoint, kinetic, spectral scanning and well area scanning modes, plus incubation and shaking enable wide-ranging applications.


  • Filter-free UV-Vis wavelength selection from 200 – 999 nm.
  • End point, kinetic and spectral scanning modes.
  • Compatible with 6- to 384-well plates and cuvettes for assay versatility.
  • 4-Zone™ incubation to 65 °C and Condensation Control™.
  • Micro-volume (2 µL) measurements with the Take3 Plate.
  • Available touchscreen interface and onboard software.

Epoch Microplate Spectrophotometer

epoch_left_tk3-colorcorrected.jpgWith its monochromator-based optics, Epoch™ Microplate Spectrophotometer offers a filter-free, wide wavelength range for UV-Vis absorbance measurements in a variety of microplate formats, and in 2 µL samples when the available Take3 plate is used. Epoch is controlled with the Gen5 Software interface, with simple programming and powerful data analysis. This robust, low maintenance microplate spectrophotometer is the most cost-effective system available, ensuring even greater value over time.


  • Cost-effective monochromator-based absorbance.
  • 200 nm to 999 nm for UV-Vis applications.
  • Micro-volume detection with the Take3 plate.
  • Wavelength scanning, endpoint, and kinetics.
  • Walkaway processing: available BioStack compatible configurations.

ELx808 Absorbance Reader

elx808-silo.jpgThe ELx808™ Absorbance Microplate Reader offers proven performance for many applications, from endpoint to fast kinetic protocols. The ELx808 is widely recognized as offering the industry-leading 4-Zone™ temperature control, which optimizes conditions for even the most temperature sensitive assays. Its high quality optical design ensures excellent precision, accuracy and linearity. Gen5 Software controls the ELx808 for easy data capture and powerful analysis.


  • Superior 4-Zone™ incubation.
  • Fast kinetics, plus endpoint and linear well scanning.
  • Optical design eliminates crosstalk.
  • Extensive data analysis with available Gen5 Microplate Reader and Imager Software.

800 TS Absorbance Reader

800ts_center.jpgThe 800™ TS Absorbance Reader is an affordable, high quality microplate reader for assays in 6- to 384-well formats. The color touchscreen provides a visual user interface, making programming fast and intuitive. Applications for the  800 TS extend from endpoint ELISA to temperature sensitive kinetic assays, enabled with Gen5 Software. The 800 TS partners well with the 50™ TS Washer, making a compact, versatile and affordable system to automate many application workflows


  • High quality, high performance at an affordable price.
  • Application versatility: ELISA, protein and other endpoint assays to kinetics and cell based assays.
  • Color touchscreen for quick, easy programming and operation.
  • USB flash drive for convenient data export, Gen5 import for analysis.
  • High precision and accuracy for quality results.


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