Multi-Plate Absorbance Reader

LogPhase 600 Microbiology Reader

neo_center_open.jpgThe LogPhase™ 600 Microbiology Reader is in a class of its own, designed for measuring microbial growth curves in up to four standard 96-well microplates at a time.  LogPhase 600 features purpose-built, robust shaking and consistent temperature control, which are critical to optimal bacteria and yeast cell growth, for the best data quality. LogPhase 600 is controlled with a software App that provides a simple, yet powerful, user experience. The LogPhase App controls the reader to acquire data and perform microbiology-focused analysis for all plates.


  • Only 4-plate microplate reader on the market
  • Keep your cells in solution for optimal growth
  • Condensation and evaporation control
  • Consistent growth conditions = consistent data
  • Easy to use and powerful targeted app



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