Expression Analysis for Gene Panels and miRNA

The method of choice for analysis of the gene expression levels of a small number or a panel of genes is Real-Time PCR. Real-Time PCR, also referred to as Quantitative PCR (or qPCR), was developed as a precise, efficient and rapid method for nucleic acid detection. Far different from the former end-point method of standard PCR techniques, Real-Time PCR can be quantitative because the PCR product is detected using fluorescent dyes in real time. It has the characteristics of sensitivity, specificity and a wide dynamic range and is thus often used to validate other techniques such as microarray or RNAseq on smaller gene panels.

The Biomark HD system is the ideal tool for qPCR validation studies with gene panels or miRNAs across many samples as it can produce more than 9,000 data points in four hours and generate as many as 36,000 data points with one person in a single day. Up to 96 gene can be analyzed across 96 samples in one experiment. In addition, multiple assay chemistries and different sample/assay configurations are supported.


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