Discontinuation of KAPA Adapter Kits/Library Prep Kits for Ion Torrent & Sample Size Kits

Millennium Science have received notification from Roche Diagnostics Australia that there will be changes to some of the KAPA portfolio. To focus on the ever growing changes to technology and providing customers with the best products, Roche have decided that they will phase out the KAPA Lib Prep Kit and Adaptors used for Ion Torrent applications. The effected products have been listed below, along with the phase out of the sample size kits for some of the KAPA HiFi products.



End of service and support: 28th February 2020

To be discontinued by 30th June 2019:


Last order date: 30th June 2019

End of service and support: 30th June 2020

To be discontinued by 31st December 2019, please advise or demand by 15th April 2019.


Last order date: 31st December 2019

End of service & support: 31st December 2020

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