New ChimerMarker update for chimerism monitoring in blood cells.

chimermarker_logo.jpgThe latest update to ChimerMarker has just been released. See the details of the updates here.

ChimerMarker software can be used to monitor chimerism level in both allogeneic stem cells transplant (SCT) or hematopoietic stem cells transplant (HSCT), bone marrow transplant (BMT, post bone marrow engraftment), and cord and peripheral blood stem cells transplant (PBSCT) samples.

ChimerMarker was developed in collaboration with Dr. Donald Kristt, and validated by laboratories around the world, including labs in the U.S., Europe, South America, Asia, and Asia-Pacific.

The software combines accurate size and allele calls (genotyping) with automated chimerism calculations and longitudinal monitoring in addition to combining speed and accuracy with a 'biologist-friendly' interface.  It is a Windows® based program (OS 7-10) and is compatible with the outputs from all major capillary electrophoresis platforms, including the Applied Biosystems Prism™ , Promega® Spectrum Compact, and Beckman-Coulter™ CEQ platforms, as well as commercially available STR chemistries from Thermo Fisher® (ABI®), Promega® and Qiagen®.

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