Roche target enrichment portfolio changes in 2019

rolo_cmyk.jpgRoche will be launching a new, upgraded Target Enrichment (TE) portfolio in late 2019. Detailed information on the new TE portfolio will be coming soon but we can tell you it will be a NextGen HyperCap offering that will be an improvement over existing products and offer even better streamlined workflows and cost savings.

With this launch, there are some important implications for ongoing and new projects using the existing Roche SeqCap probe technology because there are plans to discontinue these products. Fortunately, Roche are providing ample notice of the changes to allow customers to plan accordingly and the key information for last SeqCap orders is as follows:

  • All orders for custom SeqCap probes (ie the Developer range) will be required to be submitted by end of October 2019,
  • All orders for catalog design probes will be required to be submitted by early 2020.
  • In order to assist planning, we ask that customers inform us of their needs by end of June 2019 where possible. Supporting reagents for SeqCap protocols will remain available for order throughout 2020 but we ask that customers inform us of their needs by early 2020 wherever possible.

Roche remains committed to supporting SeqCap products through to end of 2021 but beyond the cut off dates above, reagent replacements cannot be guaranteed.

We will be providing information on the exciting new NextGen HyperCap product range once more information is available from Roche.

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The Millennium Science Team

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