Advaita Conducts Survey of Core Directors

advaita-logo-blue-880.pngAdvaita recently conducted a global poll of bioinformatics service providers in order to determine what factors improve the overall quality, productivity and customer satisfaction

Bioinformatics core facilities and service providers participate in experimental design, analysis, and meta-analysis of experimental results. They routinely create, select and use bioinformatics analysis software. This survey delves into how they choose and value software solutions.

What Interferes with Efficiency?

Quality is Critical

How to Improve Productivity?


Six qualities that your bioinformatics software must have:

  1. High quality
  2. Empower scientists to do their own exploration
  3. Allows easy sharing of results or output
  4. Provides superior audit trails
  5. Avoids having to do the same work over and over again
  6. Has bioinformatics capabilities that help the scientists tell a story

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Does your software have these characteristics? iPathway Guide users tell us that they have gained control of the above issues and dramatically improved their analytical capabilities, empowered scientists to be more self-sufficient with re-work and saved money in the process.

What are users saying?

"iPathwayGuide increases the value we provide"
CRO uses iPathwayGuide to Provide Better Insights to Customers - SkinAxis is a biotech company that provides advanced testing technology for skin research. The company focuses on testing, measuring, and monitoring active ingredients for, among other things, antiaging, spot removal and hydration.
Hear from Arevik Mosoian, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of SkinAxis

"iPathwayGuide is far superior to anything else I've seen."
iPathwayGuide Facilitates International, Interdisciplinary Collaborations – Professor Hardiman uses the software for projects ranging from cancer to climate change, to addiction, and with a wide range of collaborators
Hear from Gary Hardiman, Ph.D., Professor of Biology at Queens University Belfast

"Without iPathwayGuide, my lab wouldn't be where it is right now."
iPathwayGuide Kickstarts Student-Led Research - Students can take five datasets, get them uploaded, and run within an hour.
Hear from Douglas Dluzen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at Morgan State University

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