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Gain a Holistic View of the Immune System

Addressing the intricacies of the immune system leads to actionable insight into infectious disease, autoimmune disorders, immunotherapy development, and cancer. 10x Genomics technology can help you explore immunology with unprecedented breadth, depth, and precision to truly change the course of human health.

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Infectious Disease Autoimmunity Therapeutic Discovery 
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Cellular and Molecular Immunology Allergies and Inflammation Immuno-oncology

Explore the Immune System with Multiomic Resolution

10x-cells-image.jpgHigh-throughput single cell analysis helps uncover the layers of immune system complexity. New technologies offer the resolution to see the details, and the scale to see the big picture for researching the immune response.

Enter this interactive technology exhibit from 10x Genomics to explore, compare, and understand how to integrate multiple cytometry techniques for immunology research.

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Immunology Resources

10x-immunology-documents.jpgResearch Snapshot
Expansion of cytotoxic CD4+ T cells in supercentenarians revealed by single cell transcriptomics

Application Note
Redefining Cellular Phenotyping: Comprehensive Characterization and Resolution of the Antigen-Specific T Cell Response

Research Highlights
Redefining the understanding of immunology

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