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10x_logo_vertical_full-color_digital.pngOperational Update

10x Genomics has provided a message to customers about the COVID-19 outbreak. The key message is as follows:

As your trusted partner, we value your well-being and understand that the scientific community is impacted by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. That is why we are committed to providing consistent and timely support, so your important work is not interrupted. 10X Genomics has implemented the following:

  • Establish virtual alternativesfor sales meetings and seminars
  • Continue responsive, high quality technical support through email and virtual methods as required
  • Comply with each Institution's policy on vendor visits
  • Increase precautions for the safety of attendees for in-person events

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10x Genomics Product Updates

10X Genomics released information at AGBT 2020 about a host of new products that will be coming in 2020. These include:

Single Cell Solutions:

  • Simultaneous Chromium Single Cell ATAC + Gene Expression
  • CellPlex for multiplex of up to 96 samples and total of 160K cells
  • 10X has also demonstrated the ability to measure intracellular proteins together with gene expression in single cells using its Feature Barcode technology.

Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution:

  • IHC Compatibility
  • Visium Spatial Gene Expression with Feature Barcode Technology
  • FFPE (Formalin-Fixed Paraffin Embedded) Compatibility

You can read more details about these new products by clicking the button below. We will be sharing more details as they become available.

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Immunology Research Updates

10x Genomics Immunology Research Spotlights

Immunologists around the world are leveraging 10x Genomics technology to advance our knowledge of the heterogeneity and developmental progression of immune cells. With the ability to comprehensively profile immune cells, researchers are elucidating the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the adaptive and innate immune response, enabling diverse and revolutionary applications.

Explore the latest publications with our immunology research highlights:

  • Vaccines and Antibody Discovery: See how researchers have developed an unbiased, high-throughput method to screen the antibody repertoire of single B cells for accelerated antibody discovery.
  • Infectious Disease: Learn how scientists discovered epithelial-immune cellular crosstalk that may localise macrophages and neutrophils to regions susceptible to infection.
  • Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Immunology: Find out how scientists identified two successive stages of innate lymphoid cell development and the molecular events that drive cell fate commitment.
  • Immuno-oncology: Explore how cancer researchers discovered that expanded CD8+ T cell clones may have been recruited from outside the tumor microenvironment following immune checkpoint blockade therapy.

View the Latest Publications

Chromium Single Cell Solutions can Accelerate Research & Development for Infectious Diseases

This paper by Liao et al. 2020 was recently published and shows how the immune microenvironment of SARS-CoV-2-infected lungs was revealed by 10x Genomics Single Cell Immune Profiling: scRNAseq + V(D)J. The results suggest a dysregulated balance of lung macrophage populations during the progression to severe COVID-19 and that a rapid and robust adaptive immune response is potentially critical for controlling COVID-19.


Vanderbilt’s Vaccine Center have recently acquired another 10X Chromium system to run the single-cell immune profiling assay. This video shows how they are using it to develop antibody anti-viral therapies using 10x Genomics Single Cell Immune Profiling.


Vanderbilt's Vaccine Center also worked on a fast track Zika antibody therapeutic that you can hear more about here in this video (make sure you register first)

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Read how Setliff et al. 2019 developed LIBRA-seq to confirm Ab specificity for known or putative antigens, once we know / have antigens to test.


PacBio Spotlight: Distinguish One Virus Within a Crowd with PacBio Accurate Single Molecule Sequencing

getimage-4.pngVirus replication and competition produces a complex mixture of variants within each infected host. Resolution of all the variants within a population is critical to understanding evolution, quasispecies dynamics, drug-resistance, and immune escape. Distinguishing variants that may differ by only a handful of SNPs across an entire genome requires both the high accuracy and long read lengths that only SMRT Sequencing can provide.

getimage-5.pngRead about this example of how Brese et al. 2018 SMRT Sequencing of full-length HIV env reveals complete compartmentalization of variants in brain versus all other tissues. Phylogenetic analysis of high-quality consensus reads shows that brain-derived viruses are compartmentalized and evolutionarily distinct from virus in tissues outside the brain. By generating thousands of full-length HIV env sequences in a single run, the authors definitively show that virus in each of the three brain tissues studied is genetically distinct, whereas variants from all peripheral tissues are dispersed throughout the tree .

Diagnostic Kits Available:

Norgen Kits and Reagents for COVID-19 Diagnostics Support

Diagnostics is key to slowing the spread of virus outbreaks such as COVID-19.

Norgen Biotek—an innovative, privately held Canadian biotechnology company—has developed a wide repertoire of tools to help researchers and public health regulatory agencies study SARS-CoV-2. These include collection devices that allow for stable transport of potential virus-infected biological samples, purification kits for isolation of CoV RNA, as well as primers, controls and PCR reagents for use in detection of the virus.

Our updates from Norgen are that these products are available for COVID-19 diagnostics and will have good supplies by this week.

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