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10x_logo_vertical_full-color_digital.pngWelcome to our monthly update with plenty of news, information and webinars for you to view this month!

Upcoming Events and Conferences

10x Genomics APAC Virtual User Group Meeting 2020

Date: Thursday 28th May 2020
Time: 11am Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

As we enter a century where transformative advances in biology and medicine will reshape the way we deliver human health, researchers need approaches that can keep up with the fast pace of their science. At 10x Genomics, we provide single cell and spatial solutions that enable researchers to drive the leading edge of what's possible. Join us for this three-hour virtual User Group Meeting (eUGM) filled with exciting presentations, and explore how these technologies can advance your research. Resolve highly complex biological systems, while bringing into focus the details that matter most. Explore biology at true resolution. The first half of the eUGM focuses on single cell applications, and in the second half, we delve into spatial gene expression. Please feel free to join us for any particular session, or better yet, join us for the entire length of the eUGM!

Come and join us and hear the great line up of speakers, including A/Prof Joseph Powell PhD, Head of the Garvan-Weizmann Centre for Cellular Genomics, and Lad Head at Garvan Institute of Medical Research

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Targeted Gene Expression - Focus on the Genes that Matter Most

Date: Thursday 21st May, 2020
Time: 1pm Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

From discovery to validation, targeting the most relevant cell types and biomarkers lets you accelerate your studies into actionable insights. With Targeted Gene Expression from 10x Genomics, you can refine your discoveries, validate your hypotheses, and deepen your understanding of molecular insights. Compatible with single cell and spatial applications, you can profile a defined set of transcripts with pre-designed cancer, immunology, and gene signature panels or design your own panel.


getimage.pngDina Finan, PhDProduct Manager, 10x Genomics

agera-er.jpegKatie Pfeiffer, PhD
Staff Scientist, 10x Genomics

Join this webinar and learn how to increase efficiency and scale your research with our new Targeted Gene Expression Solution

Also check the new product page here when it goes live: 10xgenomics.com/products/targeted-gene-expression

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Other Webinars and Videos

High Throughput, Rapid Antibody Discovery and Validation Using 10x Genomics' Single Cell Immune Profiling Solution

Date: Wednesday 20th May, 2020
Time: 3pm Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

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How to Webinar: Single Cell Gene Expression - Considerations and Best Practices

Last month we advertised a webinar that had already finished. We have provided the link to the recording below for those that missed it. In this How-to Webinar, Sean Tan provided a workflow overview on the Chromium single cell gene expression solution, discussed some of the decisions that need to be made, and shared the best practices in executing a single cell experiment.

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Watch On-Demand: 10x Genomics Cancer Symposium

Did you miss out on the cancer symposium recently? No problem - we have a nice landing page set up for recordings.

Watch On-Demand: Immunology Symposium

Did you miss out on the immunology symposium recently? No problem - we have a nice landing page set up for recordings

Product Spotlight

Reveal the Epigenomic Landscape, Cell by Cell with Chromium Single Cell ATAC (Assay for Transposase Accessible Chromatin)

Chromium Single Cell ATAC (Assay for Transposase Accessible Chromatin) allows you to analyze chromatin accessibility at the single cell level, providing insights into cell types and states, and deeper understanding of gene regulatory mechanisms

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