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10x_logo_vertical_full-color_digital.pngWelcome to our monthly 10x Genomics update!


FLASH SALE on All 10x Genomics Reagents

In an effort to give back to our customers after a challenging 2020, for the first time ever Millennium Science is bringing you an end of year FLASH SALE on all 10x Genomics reagents!

Up to 20% Off All 10x Genomics Reagents - Use promotion code: MS10X1520

Be quick - Promotion expires on the 24th of December 2020

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APAC Virtual User Group Meeting

Thank you to all who attended our APAC Virtual User Group Meeting on 18th-19th November.

There will be recordings of the sessions if you missed a talk or if you want to review them. For now, you can re-enter the eUGM site and check the on-demand videos in the agenda session for some of the recordings.

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New 10x Genomics Webpage: Single Cell Immune Receptor Mapping

There is now a new application webpage dedicated for Single Cell Immune Receptor Mapping, featuring the below items:

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Now Announcing: Single Cell Immune Profiling on Chromium Connect

We are excited to announce our upcoming SCIPv2 automated solution on Chromium Connect. Adding to the existing automated SCGEX workflow,  a new integrated Single Cell Immune Profiling workflow is expected to be available for Chromium Connect in early 2021.

Note: Feature Barcoding will not be included at launch. Single Cell Immune Profiling v1.1 will not be compatible.


Abcam Antibody Conjugation Kits

Abcam has partnered with 10x Genomics to provide antibody conjugation kits for Multiomic Cytometry. These antibody conjugation kits allow you to create custom oligo-nucleotide conjugated antibodies, offering you the flexibility to customize your panels for your Multiomic Cytometry experiment with any antibody of your choice.

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csp_rgbhor.png garvan.png

The Garvan-Weizmann Centre is a research centre focused on the use of cellular genomics technology to address critical medical research questions. We have leading research programs in Immunology, Oncology, Stem Cells, and Translational Medicine. Additionally, the Centre houses a core facility with cutting-edge services for researchers and industry partners, from flow cytometry, cellular and spatial genomics, sequencing, and bioinformatics.

Contact us  today for access to the Chromium System at the Garvan

"Start Single Cell" Fellowship Program

10x Genomics is the leading technology for understanding biological mechanisms at the single cell level.

To assist new early and mid-career scientists to apply 10x Genomics technology in their research, 10x Genomics and Millennium Science are jointly offering a limited number of selective Fellowships.

Contact James Miller for more details on the Fellowship Program, or to submit your application

Visium Spatial for FFPE Scientific Challenge

ffpe-image.jpgYou're invited to participate in the Visium Spatial Gene Expression for FFPE Scientific Challenge for a chance to win a full Visium FFPE experiment from sample prep to analysis. 10x Genomics' upcoming Visium Spatial Gene Expression for FFPE product is a groundbreaking technology that complements traditional pathological analysis by combining the benefits of histological techniques with the massive throughput and discovery power of RNA sequencing.

Register for the challenge, then submit an abstract (300 words or less) sharing how you would use Visium Spatial Gene Expression for FFPE to advance your scientific research. Selected entries will win a Visium Spatial for FFPE project performed by 10x Genomics, including sample preparation, library preparation, sequencing, and data analysis.

Abstract submissions will be accepted starting November 16, 2020, and ending December 23, 2020. We look forward to learning about your innovative ideas for Visium FFPE experiments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

paul.jpg Hello and welcome to the 10x Newsletter.
My name is Paul Gooding and I'm the Field Application Scientist with Millennium Science for their Genomics portfolios in Australia and New Zealand.
I thought it would be fun to host an FAQ section where I could post the most common questions that I get asked about 10x Genomics solutions and technologies, and the most up to date responses. There is also a link to send in your own question, I will do my best to answer it in the following newsletter

How long can single cell or nuclei suspensions be kept on ice?  

Cells/nuclei should be placed into the Master Mix and run on the chip within 30 minutes of sample preparation, else they may clump or lyse. The transcriptome may also be affected. The delay will affect various sample types differently.

Cells/nuclei should always be gently pipette-mixed immediately prior to loading as they will have settled to the bottom of the tube. Nuclei are particularly sticky and may require additional mixing to remove clumps.

If cells/nuclei have been sitting on ice for extended periods of time, they should be re-counted and checked for viability prior to loading.

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