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10x Genomics APAC Virtual User Group Meeting

Date: Wednesday 18th - Thursday 19th November, 2020
Time: 1:30pm AEST

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Joint Webinar with Illumina: Getting Started with Spatial Technology: Targeted Gene Expression

Date: Tuesday 27th October, 2020. 
Time: 4:00pm AEST

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A Guide to Leveraging Single Cell CRISPR Screens for Deeper Biological Insights

Date: Thursday 29th October, 2020. 
Time: 2:00pm AEST

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Global Neuroscience Virtual Symposium: Re-imagine Neuroscience

Date: Tuesday 3rd - Friday 6th November, 2020. 

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10x Genomics Advances into Emerging Field of In Situ Analysis with Two Acquisitions

Continuing on its mission of mastering biology to advance human health,  10x Genomics, Inc. announced  that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire  ReadCoor, Inc. , developer of foundational In Situ  technologies . The announcement follows 10x Genomics’ acquisition of  Stockholm -based  CartaNA AB , developers of In Situ  RNA analysis technology, in late August.

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Spatial: The Next Omics Frontier

02486t2-s5-marketing-colors-scan-only_cropped.jpgBen Hindson (10X Genomics President and Chief Scientific Officer) features in a GENbio article about Spatial omics.

Spatial transcriptomics, the newest form of single-cell sequencing, could change our understanding of biology, from COVID-19 to cancer.

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Spotlight on Neuroscience

Check out 10x Genomics' resources for single cell and spatial technologies for neuroscience researchers:

Global Neuroscience Virtual Symposium: Re-imagine Neuroscience

Date: Tuesday 3rd - Friday 6th November, 2020. 

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Customer Spotlight - Assoc. Prof. Joseph Powell, Garvan Institute of Medical Research

joseph-powell.jpg"I was incredibly surprised, and impressed when our initial experiments revalued batch effects at <2% variance. This is a remarkable achievement, and in my opinion, has been somewhat overlooked."

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Frequently Asked Questions

paul.jpg Hello and welcome to the 10x Newsletter.
My name is Paul Gooding and I'm the Field Application Scientist with Millennium Science for their Genomics portfolios in Australia and New Zealand.
I thought it would be fun to host an FAQ section where I could post the most common questions that I get asked about 10x Genomics solutions and technologies, and the most up to date responses. There is also a link to send in your own question, I will do my best to answer it in the following newsletter

Can cells be shipped to/from another Lab ?

Cells should be cryopreserved and shipped on dry ice with enough dry ice to prevent cells from thawing. You must expect some decrease in viability and total cell recovery after cryopreservation, the degree will primarily depend on the cell integrity and cryopreservation conditions. See the following Demonstrated Protocols:

  1. Fresh frozen human peripheral blood mononuclear cells for single cell RNA sequencing
  2. Fresh frozen human-mouse cell line mixtures for single cell RNA sequencing

It is recommended that at least one million cells are frozen to ensure enough cells will be recovered post-thaw. You can expect to lose almost half from the freeze-thaw and during the wash and centrifugation steps.

After thawing, cells should be washed and filtered, then the final cell suspension counted prior to loading.

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