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Advancing Cancer Biology with Single Cell and Spatial Technology

Date: Wednesday 7th October, 2020
Time: 2:00pm AEST


  • "Fetal Echoes" in HCC Tumor Microenvironment Ramanuj Dasgupta PhD, Genome Institute of Singapore
  • Integrating Sequencing and Imaging to Quantify the Biological Heterogeneity and Cellular Interactions Within Cancer Tissue Quan Ngyuen PhD, The University of Queensland
  • An Introduction to Chromium Single Cell and Visium Spatial Solutions for Cancer Research Mynn Tan PhD, 10x Genomics

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Innovation Lab: Single Cell Immune Profiling for Vaccine Research and Antibody Discovery

Date: Thursday 15th October, 2020. 
Time: 2:00pm AEST

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Joint Webinar with Illumina: Getting Started with Spatial Technology: Targeted Gene Expression

Date: Tuesday 27th October, 2020. 
Time: 4:00pm AEST

Registration link coming soon, check the Millennium Science Events page at a later date to register.

A Guide to Leveraging Single Cell CRISPR Screens for Deeper Biological Insights

Date: Thursday 29th October, 2020. 
Time: 2:00pm AEST

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New Single Cell Multiome ATAC + Gene Expression Solution: NOW SHIPPING!

Are you ready for simultaneous gene expression and open chromatin profiling from the same cell? We are excited to announce that Chromium Single Cell Multiome ATAC + Gene Expression is now shipping. Leverage two modalities at once to enhance characterization of cell types and states, and reveal gene regulatory programs.

Watch this on-demand webinar to explore how you can gain multiomic insights into biological complexity at single cell resolution.

Review these useful resources to help you get started:

Maximize your insights from paired ATAC + Gene Expression data using the new Cell Ranger ARC and Loupe Browser software:

Spotlight on CRISPR

CRISPR screens are an integral tool for the functional genomics researcher, but traditional screening methods can be complex and lengthy, with low-resolution data output. Chromium Single Cell CRISPR Screening from 10x Genomics offers a simpler, faster workflow, leveraging Feature Barcode technology and next-generation sequencing to detect single-guide RNAs (sgRNAs) and directly link CRISPR perturbations to complete gene expression phenotypes at single cell resolution. Gain the resolution, scale, and speed that you need to perform truly scalable functional genomics.



Single Cell Immune Profiling v2 New and Updated Resources!

Single Cell Immune Profiling v2 has been shipping for a few weeks now and we have been seeing keen interest, especially due to great sensitivity improvements over v1.1. The support website now has lots of new resources to help your planning and learn more about SCIP 5' V2 .

New Website Resources from 10x Genomics

Check out these new stories and updated resources on the 10X website!

Abcam Custom Conjugation Kit Available for 10x 5' Feature Barcode Technology

Abcam have released an antibody conjugation kit compatible with our 5' Feature Barcode technology. Customers are now able to add 5' Feature Barcode compatible oligos to conjugate with their antibody. The reaction includes 10x compatible oligos to conjugate and purify in the same vial

Frequently Asked Questions

paul.jpg Hello and welcome to the 10x Newsletter.
My name is Paul Gooding and I'm the Field Application Scientist with Millennium Science for their Genomics portfolios in Australia and New Zealand.
I thought it would be fun to host an FAQ section where I could post the most common questions that I get asked about 10x Genomics solutions and technologies, and the most up to date responses. There is also a link to send in your own question, I will do my best to answer it in the following newsletter

Can cells be sorted prior to running through the 10x Single Cell assay?

Yes, FACS samples are compatible with the 10x Single Cell workflow. It helps enrich for specific cell types based on cell surface markers and removes the dead cells and debris to produce a clean sample. If you are using a rare cell type, it is also possible to sort directly into the media that you will use with the 10x Single Cell Master Mix.

Cell counts from FACS are often overestimated, so re-count cells after flow sorting with one of the single cell counting methods listed above.

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