Introducing Microbial Multiplexing Kits for the Sequel System

pacbio_shortlogo_color_rgb-01.jpgWe are pleased to announce two new validated barcoded adapter kits optimized for de novo microbial multiplexing on your Sequel System. These validated barcodes are recommended for high-throughput microbial genome multiplexing experiments, particularly when pooled genomes share high homology. Each kit offers 8 barcoded adapters (6 reactions each) to multiplex up to 30 Mb microbial genomes on a single SMRT Cell, and up to 40 Mb with high-quality genomic DNA.

New Consumable Part Numbers:

  • Barcoded Adapter Kit 8A: 101-081-300
  • Barcoded Adapter Kit 8B: 101-081-400

The new workflow leverages the latest advancements with Sequel Binding/Sequencing Kit 2.1 and SMRT Link v5.1.0. Key benefits include cost reduction through multiplexing, faster time to results, and advanced genome assembly parameters optimized for microbial genomes.


Below is the new microbial multiplexing protocol and supporting resources from PacBio to help get you up and running with the new workflow:

This Application Note details the considerations needed to achieve cost-efficiency with example case studies. Pacbio have also released the original sequencing dataset and correspondingly assembled genomes from the application note.

For more information please contact our sales team.

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