2020 ANZ HiFi SMRT Grant Program

Sequence all life with confidence. With PacBio HiFi reads, you no longer need to compromise between long read lengths and high accuracy sequencing!

Enter to win PacBio highly accurate long-read sequencing

Our highly accurate long reads, known as HiFi reads, provide Sanger-quality accuracy (>99%) and the long reads needed to assemble even the most complex genomes.

Apply for the HiFi for All SMRT Grant to sequence any species using one of these SMRT Sequencing applications:

  • Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Variant Detection
  • RNA Sequencing
  • Targeted Sequencing
  • Complex Populations
  • Epigenetics

Simply tell us in 300 words or less how HiFi reads will accelerate your science for a chance to win up to 4 SMRT Cells 8M, sequencing on the new Sequel II System and bioinformatics support from the joint AGRF-UQ PacBio Service team.

The submission window closes October 12, 2020.

Submit Proposal

Please email us if you should have any questions on this SMRT Grant Program.

We look forward to learning how HiFi sequencing will benefit your research.

Warm Regards,
The PacBio APAC & Millennium Science Teams.

Thank you to our sponsors; AGRF and UQ for supporting the PacBio ANZ HiFi SMRT Grant!


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