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AGRF and The University of Queensland (UQ) collaborate as a joint Certified Service Provider (CSP) providing Long Read Sequencing using the PacBio Sequel™️ II.  

The AGRF-UQ PacBio Service expands our capabilities in long-read PacBio® sequencing for generating high-quality genome assemblies, comprehensive transcriptome analyses, and epigenetic information. 

As a Certified Service Provider for Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT®) Sequencing, this collaboration offers the Sequel II System for affordable, high-throughput studies of microbes, plants and animals, or humans.

  • Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) for de novo assembly
  • WGS for Structural Variant Discovery
  • RNA Sequencing
  • Targeted Sequencing
  • Complex Populations
  • Epigenetics

20150910_7890_pacbio_sequel_workdeck1-990000000003cf3c.jpgThe AGRF-UQ PacBio Service achieved the PacBio Certified Service Provider (CSP) status by undergoing a rigorous validation and training process. The certification shows that our lab can deliver the highest-quality services for SMRT Sequencing platforms.

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