Announcing the IPA Summer 2018 Release

ingenuity-logo-color-transparent_bkg.pngMore than 47,000 datasets are now available for Analysis Match* - a six-fold increase that will significantly enhance data interpretation!

Analysis Match enhances interpretation and drives discovery by placing your dataset in the context of thousands of IPA analyses that have been processed from public sources using Array Suite.

Powered by IPA Advanced Analytics, Analysis Match automatically identifies curated IPA datasets with significant similarities and differences, enabling you to compare results, validate interpretation and better understand causal connections between diseases, genes, and networks of upstream regulators. In this release we are dramatically expanding the number of available analyses.

ipa-spring_edited.jpgIn the latest IPA release, Analysis Match gained 11,000 expression datasets through steady curation growth. Then, in mid-July 2018, IPA acquired approximately 28,000 datasets from the NIH Library of Integrated Network-Based Cellular signature (LINCS) Program. With more Analysis Match datasets available, IPA gives you greater opportunities for elucidating causal connections and can increase your interpretation accuracy.

With its many features, IPA allows you to quickly understand and visualize your data. Explore what's new in the latest IPA release note.

*You may not have Analysis Match active on your license today, but please consult with your local Millennium Science Territory Manager for additional details on how to get access.

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