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In this update you'll find the latest news and product releases from our friends at Cytek. With new cFluor reagents designed specifically for spectral flow, a collection of posters from CYTO and a great promotion on the Northern Lights there's something for everyone!

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CYTO 2020

This year CYTO went completely virtual and the response was overwhelming. We've put together a compilation of some of the posters that we found featuring the Aurora.

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See examples of the highly resolved data you can generate with this system, all with simplified workflows and ease-of-use in mind, in our Resources center and in the Northern Lights brochure.

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New cFluor Reagents

These three spectrum signatures are for cFluor YG584, cFluor B548, and cFluor R720, the beginnings of Cytek's line up of innovative new reagents! These exciting reagents were unveiled at the recent CYTO Virtual 2020 conference. These cFluorTM reagents, short for "Cytek Fluorochrome," are the culmination of years of experience understanding full spectrum cytometry and how fluorophores react together in multicolor panels. Cytek's cFluor reagents are all validated on its Cytek® Aurora and Cytek® Northern Lights cell analysis systems, ensuring optimal performance for its users in a multicolor environment.


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Setting up your SpectroFlo Analysis Workstation

If you don't have time to complete all of your data analysis at the Cytek® Aurora or Northern Lights workstation, no problem – follow the recommendations and installation steps below to take SpectroFlo away from the lab to your analysis workstation at home or in the office.

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New Publications

Explore the Cytek Resources Page

Cytek have a great resources section on their website full of interesting blogs, publications and video tutorials - just to name a few!

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Aurora Video

Cytek Aurora Product Overview

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