KAPA Target Enrichment Portfolio Update

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Target Enrichment Vision to the Future

kapa-target-enrichment-icon.pngRoche are excited to bring a new and upgraded target enrichment solution to the market that will enable researchers to achieve higher result confidence with increased sequencing efficiency. The upgraded KAPA Target Enrichment Portfolio combines Roche's renowned design, content and NGS Sample Prep Reagents expertise, to deliver superior capture and sequencing uniformity, fewer PCR duplicates and deeper target coverage through our streamlined and fully automatable Sample Preparation workflow.

The KAPA Targeted Enrichment Portfolio consists of the following offerings:

HyperDesign Tool

A user-friendly online web interface supporting in-silico (probe selection) custom design preparation based on user input regions. It supports both user-directed automatic design preparations or expert designer assisted design preparations
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KAPA HyperChoice and HyperExplore Probes

A custom design solution for standard Human probe designs (HyperChoice) and a custom design solution for Non-Human probe designs and Non-Standard Human probe designs (HyperExplore)
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KAPA HyperExome Probes

For whole exome sequencing (WES) solution. It is designed with comprehensive coverage of the latest HG38 human genome build coding regions from CCDS, RefSeq, Ensembl, GENCODE and ClinVar databases, including 387 Sample Tracking SNPs to facilitate sample identity tracking throughout the workflow
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The HyperCap Workflow v3.0

The new workflow requires the following reagents and kits: KAPA Universal Adapter, KAPA UDI Primer mixes, KAPA HyperCapture Reagent, KAPA HyperCapture Bead Kit, KAPA Probes Resuspension Buffer and KAPA Hybrid Enhancer Reagent. Check out the new HyperCap workflow Guide
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Hybridisation-Based Target Enrichment

Explore the KAPA target enrichment portfolio. KAPA HyperExome Probes cover the CCDS, RefSeq, Ensembl, Gencode and ClinVar genomic databases in an efficient ~43 Mb capture target size. Our custom products: KAPA HyperChoice Probes enable user to design custom human probes with the HyperDesign Tool, while KAPA HyperExplore Probes are for less well-known or complex custom designs pushed beyond normal boundaries

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