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DNA Synthesis on Demand - Build Biology in Your Lab in Hours!

Codex DNA is on a mission to empower scientific researchers in both academic and commercial settings with the hardware, software, materials, and methodologies required to rapidly and accurately write large quantities of synthetic genes to, in effect, build biology.

They are decentralising DNA synthesis with the world's most innovative portfolio of synthetic biology platform technologies.

Their gene synthesis portfolio reduces the turnaround time for synthesising biology workflows from weeks and months down to days and hours and includes the BioXp™ 3200 system — the world's first and only gene printer, variant library services, and Gibson Assembly® reagents.

Meet the BioXP™ 3200 System

bioxp-3200-.png The world's first and only fully automated gene synthesis platform

Up to 32 complex constructs from 300-3600bp

Transfection-ready DNA quantities of ~ 10ug

codex-icon-1.png Control your workflow and intellectual property

Enjoy peace of ind knowing that your vectors never leave your lab

codex-icon-2.png Rapidly iterate you DNA constructs

Free yourself from tedious cloning workflows. Design, build, clone, and amplify overnight

codex-icon-3.png Elucidate gene function and pathways

The BioXP™ 3200 system allows you to complete projects in days instead of months


Gibson Assembly Kits:

  • Simple, robust protocols
  • Seamlessly assemble large, complex constructs easily
  • High fidelity, high efficiency assemblies

RapidAMP Kits:

  • High-yield transfection-ready DNA
  • Validated hits in under a week
  • Synthesis to screen in 24hours
  • Avoid E.coli transformations
  • Clone difficult constructs

Vmax X2 Cells:

  • The world's fastest-growing bacterial strain
  • The most robust expression and growth of any bacterial competent cell
  • Significantly less endotoxin than E. coli


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