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MARS Cell Separation Platform

Micro-fluidic Acoustics & Magnetic Technologies

logo-small.jpgMARS®  - Multiphysics Automated Reconfigurable Separation  Platform is the "one-stop" modular solution for complete cell isolation and separation from complex samples. MARS novel modular design uses active-microfluidic acoustics and magnetic separation technologies  to isolate targeted cells from whole blood, apheresis, and bone marrow samples. From rare cells to T-cells, the MARS system can isolate targeted cells with high recovery, high purity, and high throughput.

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mars.jpg"A Multiphysics Approach for Complete Cell Preparation and Isolation Supporting Tumor Biology, Immunotherapeutics Development and Genetic Testing."

Date:  Friday the 20th of November, 2020
Time:  3:00am AEST

Join  Dr. Gregory Schneider and Nicholas Wilson  for a live webinar  as they show new data on how  you can use the MARS in your lab.

  • Wash and concentrate WBCs from whole blood in < 11 minutes with 98% viability without Ficoll or centrifugation
  • Isolate rare cells (CTCs, DTCs, etc.)
  • Isolate T cells (or other PBMC subpopulations)

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