NEW! LogPhase 600 Microbiology Reader

logo-biotek-agilent.pngThe LogPhase 600 Microbiology Reader captures and measures microbial growth curves in up to four 96-well microplates at a time. It features robust shaking and consistent temperature control for optimal bacteria and yeast cell growth. The LogPhase software App provides a simple, yet powerful, user experience.


As the only 4-plate microplate reader on the market, the LogPhase 600 is an essential instrument for many microbial growth assays including:

  • Yeast growth assays
  • Bacterial growth assays
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Algal research
  • Biofuels research
  • Food and beverage testing

Watch the video below to see the NEW LogPhase 600 in action!

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