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unchained-labs-logo-01.jpgBiologics can be a pain! That's why Unchained Labs uncaged the right tools for the job. Ones that make a big-time difference in figuring them out. Products that characterize even the most unruly molecules and totally crank up your research.
Whether you are after a next-gen protein and nucleic acid quantification system or an all-in-one stability screening platform, Unchained Labs has got you covered.

"Here's the deal. We're all about helping biologics researchers break free from tools that just don't cut it. Unleashing problem-tackling products that make a huge difference in the real science they do every day. That's our mantra, our promise and we own it." 

Introducing Uncle - One Stop stability

uncle-2.pngCracking stability using a pile of one-trick, protein-hungry tools is a ton of work. Uncle combines 3 different measurement modes — fluorescence, SLS and DLS. So you can crank out all your data in just a few hours, and use way less protein. All the info you'll get makes picking the best formulation or protein construct a piece of cake.
Check out isothermal stability, thermal recovery, viscosity, polydispersity, sizing and a whole lot more on your biologic.

Introducing Lunatic - Get your quant on

lunatic_96.pngLunatic makes batch quantification of protein, DNA and RNA a no-brainer. All you need is 2 μL and 5 minutes to measure up to 96 samples. Run them straight-up, even at high concentrations, without ever diluting. Lunatic gets biologics and genomics UV/Vis quantification on the money every time. Just drop, load and read.

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