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10x_logo_vertical_full-color_digital.pngGain a New Perspective on Tissue Complexity with Simultaneous Gene and Protein Spatial Profiling.

10x-protein.pngProtein Co-Detection
Combine whole transcriptome spatial analysis with immunofluorescence protein detection.

10x-proflie.pngProfile Entire Tissue Sections
No need to select regions of interest - analyse the whole transcriptome from an entire section.

10x-stream.pngStreamlined Data Analysis
Combine histological and gene expression data with easy-to-use software.

10x-diverse.pngDiverse Sample Compatibility
Demonstrated on a diverse set of organs across species (human, mouse, rat, and more).

10x-high.pngHigh Resolution
1-10 cell resolution on average per spot depending on tissue type.

10x-one.pngOne-Day Lab Workflow
From tissue section to sequencing-ready library in one day.

With Our New Visium Features You Can:

  • Combine whole transcriptome spatial analysis with immunofluorescence protein detection in the same tissue section.
  • Combine spatially-resolved total mRNA analysis with morphological context.
  • Obtain high-throughput gene expression profiles in a wide variety of sample types.
  • Gain a complete view of disease complexity by mapping where all gene activity is occurring.
  • Discover novel targets with unbiased analysis.
  • Avoid the need to dissociate the sample to conduct gene expression studies.
  • Aggregate samples for comparative analysis using our software.

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Read About What's Coming Soon With Visium:

  1. Flexible Targeted and Whole Transcriptome Assays
    Choose from pre-designed cancer, immunology, neurosciecne and gene signature panels with the ability to add up to 200 custom genes, or design fully custom panels. Optimised protocol, support, and software for targeted panels with Visium Spatial Gene Expression coming September 2020.
  2. Support for Feature Barcoding
    Perform highly multiplexed protein detection by leveraging Feature Barcode technology to vastly increase the number of proteins detected compared to fluorescently labelled approaches.
  3. Support for FFPE
    Explore diverse sample types and pathological states by profiling gene expression in FFPE tissue.

End-To-End Solution

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