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Webinar - HiFi Metagenomics 101: From Sample to High Resolution Genomes

aaf2a00435f5880925bf2202ddb4c1fa.jpgPacBio's HiFi sequencing is currently the best-in-class data type for various genomic applications. Specifically in metagenomics applications, the combination of length and accuracy of HiFi reads allow a much higher resolution of the underlying complex populations.

Date: Thursday 28th January 2021
Time: 5:00pm AEDT

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News Flash

56ba9262435c98ff7d6087cf50353d46.pngPacific Bioscience HiFi Reads Drive Core Lab Business, High-Flying Stock Prices

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Major Project Funded in the UK

c9a544f749c24f227c67c2edab825346.jpgWellcome Sanger Institute Increases Investment in PacBio Long-Read Sequencing to Support Darwin Tree of Life Research Initiative 

Seven new Sequel IIe Systems will support expanded generation of high-quality genomes for improving fundamental understanding of biology and aiding biodiversity conservation...

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Podcast with new PacBio CEO

cb7745bcc2ef14486613afeb355d2aed.jpgChristian Henry shares his perspectives on the evolution of PacBio under his leadership, including his vision for the future and growth

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PacBio Blog

This blog features voices from PacBio - and their partners and colleague s- discussing the latest research, publications, and updates about SMRT Sequencing

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On Demand Event Recordings

PAGBio Day

PacBio Plant and Animal Genomics Day

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APAC Virtual HiFI Sequencing Summit

HiFi Sequencing for All

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Virtual Global Summit

Access on-demand sessions now!

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PacBio Neuroscience Day

Start your journey to discovery

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