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pacbio_shortlogo_color_rgb-01.jpgSo much is happening in the world of PacBio it is hard to keep up! The Sequel II has hit the ground running and it is exciting to see what researchers are doing with this technology now that PacBio reads are highly accurate, low cost and high throughput.

Application Spotlight - Single Cell Iso-Seq

Highly accurate long-read sequencing has allowed scientists to comprehensively characterise gene-specific, full-length transcripts. This allows for mapping of complex alternative slicing events between samples. Now, with the introduction of our Single-Cell Iso-Seq method, scientists can gain an additional level of understanding from their experiments by further assessing alternatively spliced isoforms on a single-cell level across tissue types.

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Understand the progression of isoform sequencing over the years.

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Learn about Single-Cell sequencing: AGBT conference presentation

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Try the Single-Cell Iso-Seq method in your research.

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Register and listen to Hagen Tilgner discuss RNA sequencing.

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Application Spotlight - HiFi Reads for Large Genomes

There has been a shift in focus from extremely long, error-prone reads to optimising for a balance of long read lengths with high accuracy (HiFi reads) to better and more efficiently resolve genomes. But do HiFi reads, with lengths up to 25kb and accuracies >99%, have what it takes to assemble the largest or most complex genomes out there? Explore the examples below to see just how powerful HiFi sequencing is for hard-to-assemble genomes.

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Tackling large and complex plant genomes with HiFi sequencing.

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HiFi reads enable sequencing of complex tatraploid rose species.

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Jeremy Schmutz: Increased throughput and reduce project costs with HiFi reads.

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A genome fit for a giant: Sequencing the California redwood tree.

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Long Read Human Genome Sequencing and its Applications


Over the past decade, long-read, single-molecule DNA sequencing technologies have emerged as powerful players in genomics. With the ability to generate reads tens to thousands of kilobases in length with an accuracy approaching that of short-read sequencing technologies, these platforms have proven their ability to resolve some of the most challenging regions of the human genome, detect previously inaccessible structural variants and generate some of the first telomere-to-telomere assemblies of whole chromosomes. Long-read sequencing technologies will soon permit the routine assembly of diploid genomes, which will revolutionize genomics by revealing the full spectrum of human genetic variation, resolving some of the missing heritability and leading to the discovery of novel mechanisms of disease

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PacBio Sequel II Service Launched in Australia


Finally, we now have PacBio Sequel II service launched in Australia through an AGRF/UQ collaboration, and they are CSP, meaning you can be assured of your project being conducted to PacBio standards.

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