PacBio - Monthly Newsletter (March 2021)


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Virtual Event - Rare Disease Week

5eb7f5306c95739885da1e45c18aa613.jpg Increasing Solve Rates and Shortening the Diagnostic Odyssey with New Whole Genome Sequencing Technologies.

Dates: Tuesday 27th - Thursday 29th April 2021

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Virtual Event - SMRT Leiden 2021

a7693e337ad9ab217bb14897b3f78a52.jpg This year SMRT Leiden will put the spotlight on young investigators who will share their latest scientific discoveries and novel analytical achievements using PacBio long-read sequencing.

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Webinar - On Demand

34bdfda9de76c08224de05bec6b58880.jpg AGBT Presentation: Increasing the Solve Rate of Rare and Undiagnosed Genetic Diseases with HiFi Sequencing.

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Webinar - On Demand

da497c6f439ff581f04c7afa8680a8d8.jpg Long Reads Versus More Reads Comparing Two Sequencing Tools for Evaluating Live Biotherapeutics as Microbiome Interventions.

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PagBio Day

be31d1840c57e4767ffcb2c9bc09e0fc.jpgPangenome for Crop Plants

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861eb4ac81f13a9d184d022c800c3054.jpg Check out our Certified Service Provider for your PacBio Sequel II sequencing

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