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pacbio_shortlogo_color_rgb-01.jpgPacBio are hosting two webinars on bioinformatics for key applications of de novo assembly and surveying transcriptome diversity.
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Session 3: Assessing the Targeted Regions Using PacBio Amplicon Analysis Applications


Thursday the 5th of July, 2018


Nisha Pillai
Bioinformatics Scientist, PacBio APAC


The long reads produced by Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing, along with target-enrichment methods, allow for reference-free de novo assembly of complex haplotypes, that is highly accurate, imputation-free, and phased. While focusing on data collection on the most relevant genomic regions and still maintaining complete and uniform coverage, PacBio's long read length is able to sequence even kilobases of amplicons to deliver the most comprehensive view of the associated genes, variants and genotypes.

In this session we will give an overview of bioinformatics approaches for PacBio amplicon analysis (such as CCS and LAA) and discuss few key applications.

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