Pushing the Boundaries of Small Particle Detection


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cellstream_300x300.pngDiscover how the unique Amnis ® time delay integration and camera technology inside the  CellStream  System enables immunophenotyping of extracellular vesicles.

Immunophenotyping Extracellular Vesicles Using Amnis ® Technology
Haley R. Pugsley, Bryan R. Davidson, Phil Morrissey | Luminex, Seattle, WA, United States

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  • Quantifying and characterizing EVs in a reproducible and reliable manner is difficult due to their small size (exosomes range from 30 nm to 100 nm in diameter).
  • Attempts to analyze EVs using traditional PMT-based flow cytometers has been hampered by the limit of detection of such small particles and their low refractive index. To overcome these limitations, we employed the Amnis® CellStream® Flow Cytometer, which contains the Amnis® Time Delay Integration (TDI) image capturing system.

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