Sequel System 6.0 Release from PacBio

pacbio_shortlogo_color_rgb-01.jpgThe Sequel System 6.0 Release from PacBio is now available

Don't compromise read length for accuracy when you can have both

What's new in the release?

The Sequel System 6.0 release features major improvements to system performance through our new 3.0 consumables, SMRT Cell 1M v3, Sequel ICS v6.0, and SMRT Link v6.0. Combined, these enhancements enable:

  • Up to 500,000 long (1–20 kb), single-molecule reads with high fidelity (>99% accuracy) for amplicon and RNA sequencing projects
  • Up to 20 Gb per SMRT Cell 1M with average read lengths up to 30 kb and achieve high consensus accuracies (>99.999%) for whole genome sequencing projects

The new V3 chemistry is now available for ordering and system 6.0 release is being deployed now!

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