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Unchained Labs is all about helping biologics researchers break free from the tools that just don't cut it. Check out the latest from Unchained Labs and register for the Global Automation workshop below.

Customer Spotlight

Unchained Labs automation enables you to efficiently screen reaction conditions and organizes the resultant data for modelling those reactions. Read this ACS publication to learn how Pfizer has developed a rigorous and general modelling workflow describing how to apply kinetic models and statistical models to a set of dynamic reaction data. Or click to check out all the ways you can automate your chemistry!

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Chemistry automation

Application Videos

Check out these Unchained Labs Videos to get in depth information on key applications such as particle identification and counting, biologics characterisation and stability, sample quantitation and more. We picked two videos to spotlight

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Tuesday 19th - Wednesday 20th May, 2020

Hop online and join your fellow automation gurus at our workshops to learn about how they are tackling their latest challenges head on

Topics Covered Include: 

  • High throughput formulation screening for vaccine development
  • High concentration automated buffer exchange
  • High throughput antibody discovery and optimisation with synthetic DNA technologies
  • Formulation development and automated screening
  • High-throughput experimentation for acceleration of small molecule development
  • Solubility screening

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Trade-In your DropSense96

The Big Lunatic is packed with new applications, updated hardware, new software, increased range of concentration detection and is an all round better system. Contact us now for a trade-in deal for your DropSense96



Unchained Labs have 10 game-changing product lines that provide researchers with the right tool for the job.

Lunatic: Concentration Liberator View Now 
Stunner: Quant and Qual Combo View Now
Uncle: Stability Screener View Now
Hunky: Stability Characteriser View Now
Punk: Protein Sizer View Now
Big Tuna: Buffer Exchange View Now
Big Kahuna: Customer Heavy-Hitter View Now
Junior: Benchtop Simplifier View Now
Hound: Particle Identifier View Now
Bouncer: Silicone Protector View Now

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