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LUNARIS™ Reader 96/384

ayx_lr02-labor_1913_7956_zugeschnitten.png Small footprint, big impact

Mindful of experimental and budget constraints, the LUNARIS™ Reader is designed to fit all stages of translational research — from foundational and exploratory work in academia, to therapy-oriented clinical research, or adaptation and scaleup in the biotech and pharma industries.

Cost-effective and streamlined for discovery research in academic laboratories, the LUNARIS™ Reader 96 is an entry level instrument coupled with the LUNARIS™ BaseFrame 96 to deliver low to medium throughput.

Maximising capacity, flexibility and readout speed, the LUNARIS™ Reader 384 with the LUNARIS™ BaseFrame 384 meets the demands of fast-paced labs working at high throughput.


Fast, precise, direct imaging of fluorescence

Readout is as simple as an ELISA, only on a multiplex scale. Detection antibodies in LUNARIS™ Kits are tagged with a fluorophore. Thus, the mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) of all microbeads with a given antibody pair is a direct measure of the target analyte concentration in a sample.

The LUNARIS™ Reader records MFIs of all microbeads bound to analytes in a sample with speed and precision, delivering fully automated readout of up to 384 samples in less than an hour.

Simply load one or more LUNARIS™ BioChips, start the readout, and walk away (take a break; go home; analyse results the next day). Readout data are seamlessly transferred to the LUNARIS™ Analysis Suite, our dedicated analysis software, for evaluation. There's no warmup, no manual calibration, and no maintenance after readout.


  • Load-and-read, fully integrated system
  • Easy handling, reliable readout
  • High-precision optics, made in Germany
  • Two models to match your throughput
  • 96 samples read in less than 10 minutes


LUNARIS™ Analysis Suite

Data analysis as it should be: transparent and straightforward


Set up, interpret, and share experiments in one place

Standardise workflows in your lab, from experiment planning to producing publication-ready reports. Start creating and sharing setup and report templates for recurring experiments.

Assess standard curves with 4PL or 5PL model plots, and visualise your controls and samples to quickly evaluate assay quality. Also depict median fluorescence intensity and measured concentrations of each analyte in high-quality heatmaps.

And if you need to perform external analyses, export data with a click.


  • Jump-right-in software; just open a readout file
  • Complete date evaluation in less than a minute
  • Intelligent assay QC for clear results reliability
  • All raw data, results, and graphs available in detailed reports or export files

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