Single Cell CRISPR Screening

Functional Genomics at Single Cell Resolution

Study the complexity of development, disease, gene function, and therapeutic response at single cell resolution. Single cell CRISPR screens enable scalable, comprehensive readouts of cellular phenotypes directly assessing both the specific CRISPR-driven gene edits or knockdowns and the resulting perturbed gene expression profile.


  • Link CRISPR Edits to Cell Phenotype - Directly link CRISPR edits and gene expression phenotypes at single cell resolution.
  • Gain Deeper Insights - Access comprehensive insights, beyond cell fitness, with single cell whole transcriptome or targeted gene expression.
  • Scale your CRISPR Screens - Analyse genetic perturbation effects across hundreds of genes in tens of thousands of cells.
  • Reduced Time to Results - Quicker time to gene expression results, compared to lengthy culture times for cell survival assays.
  • Single Cell Resolution - Interrogate disease pathway and perturbation effects at scale, cell by cell.
  • Streamline Data Analysis - Explore gene expression profiles from perturbations with easy-to-use software.



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