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Wolf G2 Cell Sorter

g2shootmarch2021day2-10-1-e1619555467221.jpgThe new WOLF G2 instrument has significantly expanded the capabilities of gentle benchtop microfluidic cell sorting with two lasers and up to nine colours, while maintaining simple workflows for either bulk sorting or single-cell dispensing. Single-cell sorting can be completed in 96- or 384-well plates when using the WOLF G2 in conjunction with the N1 Single-Cell Dispenser. This flexibility in performance, along with the additional abilities of the second laser, makes it ideal for use in many different research fields and application areas like single-cell genomics, cell line development, gene editing, antibody discovery, immunology, infectious disease, basic research, and more.


  • 2 lasers and up to 9 colours
  • Gentler than any conventional cell sorters at <2 psi
  • All laser configurations afford <250 MESF sensitivity, along with forward and back scatter, providing as low as 1 μm resolution.
  • 2 cubic feet
  • Capable of analysis and sorting into tubes, or 96- and 384- well plates
  • Intuitive software
  • Fixed optics
  • No Fluidics cart
  • Less than one minute clean up time
  • Dispoable, aerosol-free microfluidic cartridge allows for sterile sorting


Wolf Cell Sorter

wolf.jpgNanoCellect designed an entirely new type of cell sorter based on microfluidic sorting technology. By using solid, proven detection technologies, we have been able to focus on innovative cartridge technology and accessible, intuitive software that makes operation simple and safe for researchers and their samples. The machine is compact and stable enabling placement around the lab and in a hood. The sterile cartridge and tubing set protects cells from the environment and the researchers from biohazards. The software is simple enough to allow new users to perform sorting on day one. And the system is priced to be affordable at the individual lab level.

At <2psi, the WOLF is gentler than any conventional cell sorter, allowing for higher populations of healthy sorted cells. At under 2 cubic feet, NanoCellect's new benchmark for access and performance allows every lab the flexibility to do analysis, bulk, or single-cell sorting.

The sorter uses an on-chip piezoacoustic actuator that gently directs cells into collection channels. NanoCellect's unique system allows cell analysis and sorting to take place within a disposable chip. This eliminates sample-to-sample contamination and biohazard aerosols. An embedded cell sorting verification system gives instant feedback of sorting accuracy.


  • 488nm, powerful and compact 30mW Laser
  • Five detection parameters: 3 colours, forward and back scatter
  • Two distinct populations can be sorted at the same time
  • 24 microliters per minute of sample can be processed
  • Prevents the introduction of microorganisms into the sample
  • Sterile cartridge & fluidic tubing are designed for single day use
  • Can detect unlabeled cells and particles (<1000 MESFs)


N1 Single Cell Dispenser

n1.jpgA module for the WOLF Cell Sorter to sort and dispense into 96-well or 384-well plates.

Applications requiring the sorting and dispensing of single cells, such as B-cell identification in antibody discovery, and monoclonal CHO cell line development, are now easier with the N1® Single Cell Dispenser. Additionally, single-cell 'omics assays, where sample preparation is a key step for quality data generation, no longer have to be heroic academic exercises when employing this WOLF® accessory.

Users can select the same cell population for every well, or assign two different cell populations. Each well of a 96- or 384-well plate can receive anywhere from 1 to 100 cells as they are sorted from the sample. Or users can simply dispense from a pure population.

The N1 Single Cell Dispenser is seamlessly integrated into the intuitive software. Select single-cell from the dropdown menu, map out your plate, and hit go. The WOLF and dispenser work together to deliver plated cells in a compact and affordable format. After sorting, data from each cell is indexed well-by-well, allowing for confirmation of the plated cell.


  • The gentle sorting mechanism results in improved viability of cells and higher outgrowth. Reduced stress during a sort also avoids potential gene expression or karyotype changes experienced with traditional sorters.
  • The 5 parameters of the WOLF and N1 provide higher rates of singlet detection compared to cell printers or limiting dilution.
  • Disposable microfluidic cartridge, no biohazardous aerosol exposure, no sample to sample contamination.
  • Designed from a user's perspective, the software interface is easy-to-use while featuring powerful analytical features. Step-by-step guides help users get from sample to sorted cells quickly.
  • The WOLF uses a small fraction of the sheath used by traditional sorters, allowing users to use growth media as sheath. Using growth media as sheath greatly improves cell viability.
  • The robust, portable, sterile, and safe system can be used in any lab without the need for dedicated hoods, venting, or personnel. Light enough to be moved and shared.


wolf-system.jpgThe WOLFViewer software has an intuitive workflow menu in the upper left corner that walks users through their experimental process. Novice users are guided step-by-step, while expert users can skip ahead and change settings in the Advanced Settings dropdown menu. New users can be performing their first sorts in about 30 minutes and can be on their own on day one.


  • Easy-to-use and without specialised training
  • Can be used by both beginners and experts
  • Moves complex settings to an Advanced Settings dropdown menu to reduce confusion
  • Can export data in the latest DCS standard file formats for compatibility with other flow software
  • Allows copy-and-paste of .pdf and .jpg plot images and data to other programs for rapid report and publication generation

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