Targeted Gene Expression

Focus on the Genes that Matter Most

Profile a defined set of transcripts from single cells or tissue sections with Targeted Gene Expression. Reduce costs while increasing the number of samples, or increasing sequencing depth with customisable, comprehensive gene panels.


  • More for Less - Cut sequencing costs by as much as 90%, or scale up to a 10-fold increase in sample throughput compared to whole transcriptome analysis.
  • Increase Flexibility - Work with pre-designed panels, add genes or sequences on top, or design your own panel from scratch.
  • Stay on Target - Don’t miss any important genes. Maximize on-target reads and minimise data volume.
  • Seamless Integration - Easily integrate with Feature Barcode technology and any existing gene expression libraries.
  • Built to Scale - Easily scale sample throughput by multiplexing libraries during target enrichment.
  • Streamlined Data Analysis - Explore and interpret targeted gene expression profiles with easy-to-use software.


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