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HAMA and Interference Blocker

These sample or antibody dilution buffers are used to reduce interference effects such as HAMA, rheumatoid factors, non-specific binding, cross-reactivities and matrix effects in immunoassays.  False positive and false negative results can be avoided by using these buffers, thus increasing the reliability of the assays.

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Immunoassay  stabilizers  are needed to preserve the native conformation of proteins and protect them from losing their functionality.  CANDOR stabilizers  enable long-term storage of antibodies, conjugates (eg HRP-labelled or AP-labelled) and antigens in solution or coated on microtiter plates and other surfaces. The product range extends from  Antibody Stabilizer  to  HRP-Protector™  ,   AP-Protector®  , LowCross® HRP-Stab to Liquid Plate Sealer®.
To always get reliable results in  immunoassays it is absolutely necessary to also stabilize standards for calibration curves, coated plates and antibodies during storage.  CANDOR's stabilizers  can be used to maintain the activity of all biological components of an  immunoassay  . CANDOR stabilizers are regularly used for the production of commercial  ELISA  kits with a shelf life of 2 or more years.

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Surface Blocker

The surfaces of  ELISA  plates or  Western Blot  membranes are optimized for  efficient binding of proteins and antibodies .  This enables  optimal high-density assays on capture antibodies or capture antigens on the surface. As a result of this surface optimization, many other proteins, peptides or other molecules from the sample can also bind to the surface. Without blocking the surface, assay antibodies, tracers, analytes, or other sample components would bind to the surface. This can lead to incorrect results or high background signals. It must therefore be prevented in order to obtain reliable assays. The blocking is necessary in order to saturate free binding sites on the respective surface. This saturation occurs by covering the surface with a dense, uninterrupted layer of molecules.  CANDOR  offers four different  blockers with different composition and blocking properties.  BSA-Block  is a classic BSA-based blocker for many applications.  SmartBlock™  is a very efficient peptide-based blocker.  The Blocking Solution  is a high-quality casein-based blocker for routine applications as well as for challenging  immunoassays  .  PlateBlock™  is an  ELISA  plate blocker for use in serological assays (antigen down format).

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CANDOR Buffer Solutions  are all ready-to-use solutions or 10x concentrates that allow easy and convenient work with  immunoassays  . All solutions are manufactured in-house under current  DIN EN ISO 9001 standards  . These include, for example, in-process controls, release controls and the traceability of all components of the solution. This means that all products can be used directly in regulated areas such as GLP laboratories (Good Laboratory Practice) or for the production of diagnostic kits.  The constant lot to lot quality meets the highest requirements.

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CANDOR packages

In a first test you can quickly determine which solutions are ideal for an assay.  To make things easier, we offer you suitable combinations of inexpensive packages.

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ReadyTector® - All-in-one detection solution for Western blots

ReadyTector® contains all the ingredients needed for rapid, one-step immunodetection.

Each user only adds his specific primary antibody. All-in-one means that everything is included in one solution and everything is done in one step. Blocking and binding of the primary and secondary antibodies occur simultaneously. After that, only the special ReadyTector® wash buffer is used for washing. The already used ReadyTector® solution with the valuable primary antibody can be reused up to 5 times.

Despite the rapid one-step incubation, ReadyTector® reduces background, allowing for clear and sharp bands. The results can thus be published directly.

ReadyTector® for Western blotting – easy, quick and clear

  • easy – simple application
  • quick – quick execution and quick result
  • clear - no background

ReadyTector® is available as Anti-Mouse HRP and Anti-Rabbit HRP.

The ReadyTector® Kit contains the all-in-one solution and also the ReadyTector® 10x wash buffer in bottle sizes of 40 ml, 120 ml and 500 ml.

Important questions and answers about ReadyTector® can be found here.

For more information on ReadyTector®, visit

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SafetyTector® S is a SARS-CoV-2 inactivating extraction and dilution buffer for saliva samples as well as nose and throat swabs.
The swabs can be placed directly in SafetyTector® S. The ratio of sample quantity to SafetyTector® S should be at least 1:4.  
At this dilution, SafetyTector® S can inactivate SARS-CoV-2 viruses within one minute. As a result, the samples are no longer infectious. The use of SafetyTector® S minimizes the high risk of infection for the user during and after the test from the sample in the collection tube and from other test materials. The virus-inactivating effect was confirmed by appropriate testing with infectious viruses in an S3 laboratory.

SafetyTector ® S eliminates the infectivity of SARS-CoV-2

Saliva samples spiked with SARS-CoV-2 were mixed 1:4 with PBS or CANDORs SafetyTector® S and incubated at room temperature for the indicated times. After incubation, the samples were titrated and applied to Vero E6 cells. After five to seven days, the infectivity was quantified using the Reed-Muench method. After just 1 minute of incubation with SafetyTector® S, no more infectivity could be detected with this assay.

The sample mixed with SafetyTector® S can be used directly in the lateral flow assay, but can also be used for other immunoassays such as ELISA, protein arrays or bead-based assays.

In tests with commercially available SARS-CoV-2 antigen rapid tests, SafetyTector® S shows a comparable or better performance than the extraction and dilution buffer supplied. In some cases, a further improvement in the detection limit could be observed.

The suitability of SafetyTector® S for the respective assay must be tested by the manufacturer or distributor.

Why should I use SafetyTector® S?

The obligatory risk reduction through safe design (safe design), as specified both in the In-Vitro-Diagnostics Directive (Directive 98/79/EG, Annex I, Section B, Item 2.1), in the In-Vitro-Diagnostics Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2017/746, Annex I, Chapter I, Point 4) as well as in ISO14971 "Application of risk management for medical devices" (DIN EN ISO 14971:2012, Annex A, Section A.2.6 Risk control), which is decisive for the implementation of ISO13485 ) is mandatory, can be implemented easily and in compliance with regulations with virus-inactivating buffers.

Virus-inactivating buffers such as SafetyTector® S, for which virus inactivation has been proven under real conditions with infectious SARS-CoV-2 viruses, set a new state of the art for user protection in antigen and antibody tests. Buffer tests carried out as an alternative for inactivation, for example with virus-like particles (VLP), do not provide this proof of the required user protection and therefore do not correspond to this current state of the art. The corresponding proof for SafetyTector® S is supplied directly by confirmation from the test laboratory and therefore does not have to be provided again.

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Animal free/protein free

Especially for veterinary diagnostic assays, we also offer some of our stabilizers and assay diluents as protein-free or animal-free variants.

Products marked as protein-free by CANDOR are manufactured without the use of raw materials containing protein. No proteinaceous material is present during the manufacturing process. CANDOR products designated as protein-free can also be animal-free.

Products marked animal-free by CANDOR are manufactured without the use of materials of animal or human origin. We only use raw materials and primary packaging that have been declared animal-free by the respective supplier. No material of animal or human origin is present during the manufacturing process.

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