InvivoGen provides life scientists with innovative research reagents. As experts in innate immunity and cell culture, they offer a large selection of products.

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[NEW] TiGer Tet-on System - Inducible Protein Expression

InvivoGen introduces a new and improved Tet-on system, specifically designed for the controlled expression of cytotoxic proteins.

Conditional expression of proteins in mammalian cells is favoured over stable expression in a variety of basic and applied research areas, including functional genomics, gene therapy, biopharmaceutical protein production, and drug screening. Depending on experimental requirements, researchers can efficiently activate or suppress a gene of interest (GOI) at will, using different systems based on the E. coli Tn10-specified tetracycline-resistance operon.

InvivoGen offers such a system, named TiGer (Tetracycline-induced Gene expression or repression) system, which comprises two RepTor™ cell lines and two series of pTiGer plasmids (cloning and control vectors):


The TiGer system has been specifically designed to allow the controlled expression of cytotoxic genes.

  • Minimal GOI background expression without tetracycline
  • Strong GOI expression with tetracycline

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Cell Culture Reagents

InvivoGen provides a wide range of high-quality reagents for tissue and cell culture applications, including mycoplasma detection, prevention and elimination, plus various antimicrobial agents, selective antibiotics, reporter detection kits, the transfection reagent LyoVec™, the transfection enhancer NATE™, and an endotoxin detection kit. These products are functionally validated and undergo strict quality control.

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MycoStrip - Mycoplasma detection strips

  • One band - negative for mycoplasma 
  • Two bands - positive for mycoplasma

Key features of MycoStrip:

  • Simple: Easy to perform, and unlike most other mycoplasma detection assays, no special lab equipment is required.
  • Rapid: Performed in 1 hour, with less than 15 minutes of hands-on time.
  • Clear: Fast and easy-to-interpret results that appear within 2-5 minutes, as 1 or 2 bands on the strip.
  • Specific: MycoStrip™ has been specifically designed to detect the Mycoplasma and Acholeplasma species that most commonly contaminate cell culture.
  • Sensitive: MycoStrip™ is able to detect as low as 10-10^2 CFU/ml, thus can be used to detect mycoplasma contamination before it significantly affects experimental results, which typically occurs at ~10^7 CDU/ml. 

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PlasmoTest - Mycoplasma detection cells

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Cell Transfection

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Selective Antibiotics

InvivoGen is a leader in the production of selection antibiotics. InvivoGen's state-of-the-art facilities allow us to produce large quantities of high quality, endotoxin-free antibiotics with purity levels exceeding 95%.

Ready-to-use Cell Culture Tested Solutions - No weighing needed - InvivoGen's antibiotics are available in solution filtered to sterility for customer convenience and validated for cell culture usage.

An Excellent Choice of Antibiotics for Selection in Both Mammalian cells and E. coli - Matches up to the antibiotic resistance genes carried by InvivoGen plasmids, built for selection in both mammalian and bacteria cells.

Selective Antibiotics Product Flyer

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PRR ligands

InvivoGen provides an extensive set of tools to study the innate immune system, including a comprehensive collection of pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs).

PAMPS are recognized by pattern recognition receptors (PRRs). Five families of PRRs have been shown to initiate pro-inflammatory signaling pathways:

  1. Toll-like receptors (TLRs)
  2. NOD-like receptors (NLRs)
  3. RIG-I-like receptors (RLRs)
  4. C-type lectin receptors (CLRs)
  5. Cytosolic dsDNA sensors (CDSs)

Also some NLRs are involved in the formation of pro-inflammatory complexes called inflammasomes. InvivoGen also provide labelled ligands to activate or study these receptors, and offer diverse NF-κB and NFAT activators.

Inhibitors Poster

Inflammasome activation Poster


TLRs & NLRs Poster

CLR-RLR-CDS pathways Poster

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Conjugatable PRR Ligands

Conjugatable PRR ligands are synthetic PAMPs that have been chemically modified to allow their attachment to a peptide/protein with a chemical linker. Their assembly generates a bioconjugate. Examples of promising therapeutic bioconjugates include immune-stimulating antibody conjugates (ISACs) and antigen-adjuvant conjugates (AACs). InvivoGen offers conjugatable ligands for PRRs that are expressed by dendritic cells and other antigen-presenting cells. The targeting of TLR7 or STING is of particular interest as it triggers the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines potentiating immune responses in cancer or pathogen-driven disease models.

To facilitate your research on ISACs and vaccination, InvivoGen has developed two classes of conjugatable ligands allowing:

•  Simple thioether conjugation: ready-to-use ligands featuring a thio-reactive maleimide, bypassing the need for linker design and ligand modification.

•  Flexible conjugation: ligands featuring an azido group, offering a flexible choice among commercially available linkers for click chemistry conjugation.

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Vaccine Adjuvants/VacciGrade™ products

InvivoGen provides the largest choice of vaccine adjuvants.

They are either already approved for use in human vaccination or still under investigation. They include particulate adjuvants, such as alum and emulsions, and molecules known to activate pattern recognition receptors (PRR), referred to as PRR agonists. Adjuvants are essential for enhancing and directing the adaptive immune response to vaccine antigens. They not only potentiate the immunogenicity and protection efficacy of vaccines, but they also help to avoid an exacerbated TH2-polarized response.

Adjuvants are known to exert their effect through different mechanisms. These include:

  • Alum & Emulsions – generate depots that trap antigens at the injection site for a sustained stimulation of the immune system through an increased recruitment and activation of antigen presenting cells (APCs).
  • PRR agonists – effectively activate a local innate immune response, predominantly targeting the APCs, and consequently influencing the necessary adaptive immune responses. Members of nearly all of the PRR families are potential targets for adjuvants.

InvivoGen adjuvants are VacciGrade™, a specific grade for preclinical studies. They are prepared under strict aseptic conditions, guaranteed sterile, and are thoroughly tested for the presence of endotoxins. InvivoGen also offers the standard antigen ovalbumin

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Cell Lines

InvivoGen provides an expanding collection of human and mouse cell lines in which specific genes are over-expressed or knocked out.

InvivoGen's cell lines are reliable tools for:

  • studying specific gene function(s)
  • investigating cell signaling pathways and signal transduction
  • screening agonists/antagonists of pattern recognition receptors (PRRs), such as Toll-like receptors (TLRs), C-type lectin receptors (CLRs), cytosolic DNA sensors (CDSs), and aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR)
  • measuring cytokine production
  • validating antibody function

Most of InvivoGen's cell lines are engineered to stably express an inducible secreted reporter gene. We offer two reporter systems relying either on the secreted embryonic alkaline phosphatase (SEAP) or the Lucia luciferase. The activity of these two reporter proteins is readily measurable in the cell culture supernatant using InvivoGen's detection reagents. Their cell lines are extensively tested for viability, biological activity and absence of mycoplasma to ensure strong and reproducible results. Moreover, we provide detailed handling and experimental procedures for all cell lines, thus minimizing the need for optimization or troubleshooting by the end-user.

Reporter Cells Product Flyer:

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Antibodies & ELISAs

InvivoGen offers monoclonal antibodies directed against a broad range of human, murine, or rat protein targets including cytokines, PRRs, immune checkpoints, or other cell surface markers. InvivoGen's high-quality antibodies are reliable tools for various applications such as neutralization and/or detection. They also provide special bioluminescent ELISA kits (LumiKine™ Xpress kits) designed to quantify cytokine levels in the cell culture supernatant, serum, and plasma samples.

InvivoGen's portfolio includes well-known clinically relevant antibodies for biosimilar studies as well as a library of corresponding isotype control antibodies. We also provide an expanding collection of InvivoFit™ recombinant mouse anti-mouse antibodies. They are designed to possess a minimum of xenogeneic sequences and undergo sterility and functional tests in order to be specifically suited for in vivo studies. All our antibodies are either produced in Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO) by recombinant technology or hybridoma-derived. Each lot is tested for functionality to ensure robust, reproducible, and reliable results. Our growing collection includes monoclonal antibodies for a variety of disciplines including cancer research, vaccine development, COVID-19, and inflammation research.

Additionally, we also provide two families of mAb-producing plasmids for antibody generation that facilitate isotype switching and efficient purification of antibodies from biological samples. Different purification reagents are also available, including Peptide MProtein L, and Protein G.

Antibodies by target

Type I IFN bioluminescent ELISAs

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InvivoGen offers a collection of inhibitors suited for the study of innate immunity signalling pathways, including modulators of various actors implicated in pattern-recognition receptor (PRR) and inflammasome signalling, as well as autophagy pathways. Additionally, we provide a set of small molecule inhibitors acting at different stages of the SARS-CoV-2 infection to support COVID-19 research, and prodrugs acting as DNA synthesis inhibitors to achieve cell selection using suicide genes. InvivoGen's collection of inhibitors is for research only use.

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Cloning & Expression Vectors

InvivoGen provides a broad range of cloning and expression vectors for different applications:

  • pFUSE-CLIg and pFUSE-CHIg plasmids for antibody generation and isotype switching
  • pBROAD and pWHERE are optimized vectors for rodent transgenesis
  • expression plasmids, such as pVITRO and pVIVO for mammalian gene expression in vitro and in vivo, pSELECT-Tag for the expression of tagged genes, pDUO for the simultaneous expression of two genes
  • for DNA vaccination, pBOOST can enhance immunogenicity or induce a Th1/Th2 biased response, while pVAC facilitates the induction of neutralizing antibodies.

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Genes & Promoters

InvivoGen provides an expanding collection of human and murine genes cloned in an expression plasmid.

All the genes are provided as open reading frames (ORFs) from the ATG to the Stop codon and are fully sequenced. They are flanked by unique restriction sites to facilitate their subcloning into another vector. A wide selection of cellular promoters of human and rodent origins is available in the expression plasmid pDRIVE. These promoters are either native and consist of a single fragment from the 5' region of a given gene, or composite and results from the assembly of different promoter elements. Furthermore, the promoters direct ubiquitous or specific expression.

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