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Long-read and short-read sequencing with unmatched accuracy.


Sequencing methods for solutions that matter

PacBio technology provides the most comprehensive view of genomes, transcriptomes, epigenomes.

Whole Genome Sequencing

A complete view of the genome to fuel research and discovery.

Targeted Sequencing

Enrich your understanding with accurate detection of all variant types, even in the hardest-to-reach regions of the genome

RNA Sequencing with the ISO-SEQ method

Reveal novel biology that other sequencing methods miss with full-length transcripts using the Iso-Seq™ method.

Metagenome Sequencing

Generating new insights into how microbial communities function and interact with their environments requires improved approaches. Long-read sequencing enables species-level resolution and drives functional insights with full-length 16S sequencing and 10 kb HiFi reads for metagenome profiling and assembly.


See a new dimension to genomes with the most accurate sequencing reads and DNA methylation in a single experiment.

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Building on years of cutting-edge research and development, PacBio systems enable researchers to make discoveries that will change the world. Explore the unparalleled accuracy of our long-read and short-read sequencing systems.


Revio System - Long-read sequencing

See it all at scale with Revio. The Revio system brings affordability and scale to the exceptional accuracy and methylation detection of HiFi sequencing.

  • $1,000 phased complete HiFi genome
  • 15X greater throughput *
  • Google Health DeepConcensus on board

Industry-leading accuracy with HiFi sequencing for complete views of genomes, epigenomes, and transcriptomes. Throughput to run up to 1,300 human HiFi genomes per year. Smart consumables for simple handling and less plastic waste. Powerful compute with Google Health DeepConsensus onboard

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Onso System - Short-read sequencing

Next-level accuracy with Onso. The Onso system is a scalable and flexible benchtop platform that provides an unprecedented level of accuracy through unique sequencing by binding (SBB) technology

  • 90% of bases > Q40
  • High efficiency sequencing
  • Resolution of low complexity regions

Greater level of sensitivity to detect rare variants. Reduced requirement for sequencing coverage depth versus SBS sequencers. Contiguous reads through homopolymer and difficult to sequence regions. Low duplication rate, no index hopping. Rapid conversion of existing P5/P7 libraries for sequencing on the Onso system.

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Sequel IIe System - Long-read sequencing

  • Long, accurate HiFi reads with DNA methylation direct from the instrument in every run. 
  • Supports a wide range of applications – targeted sequencing, RNA sequencing, and whole-genome sequencing
  • Throughput match for microbial genome sequencing, AAV vector sequencing, Iso-Seq, and more
  • Featured in hundreds of peer-reviewed publications

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Long-read HiFi sequencing

HiFi sequencing is recognized as the most accurate and complete sequencing technology:

  • PacBio HiFi offers 21× fewer errors vs Oxford Nanopore, >6× fewer errors vs Illumina in PrecisionFDA benchmarking of total errors (SNV + indel + SV)
  • Read lengths up to 25 kb allow you to span large structural variants and challenging repetitive regions, and to sequence full-length transcripts
  • High accuracy provides over 99.99% accurate sequencing results
  • Uniform coverage enables sequencing through regions that are inaccessible to other technologies
  • Epigenetics can be explored through direct detection of base modifications during sequencing

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Nanobind HMW DNA extraction - Sample prep

NANOBIND sample extraction technology for high quality DNA that delivers longer fragments with less damage across a broader range of sample types than any other technology

  • Cultured cells and bacteria
  • Blood
  • Plants
  • Tissues
  • Developmental sample types include insects, fungal, and worm

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Sequencing by binding (SBB) - Short read sequencing

SBB  demonstrates greater accuracy and consistency compared to current short-read sequencing-by-synthesis (SBS) technologies. An improved limit of detection, customer flexibility, and less computational burden have the potential to enable results in research and clinical mark


MAS-Seq: Single cell RNA sequencing

Full-length isoform information for your single-cell transcriptome studies

Understanding cell heterogeneity at the isoform level is critical for basic and disease research. Short reads can only capture gene-level information, while other long-read technologies lack the accuracy for accurate UMI/barcode identification.

Only HiFi reads can provide accurate detection of isoforms in your single-cell study. No complicated algorithms for barcode correction or orthogonal sequencing data are required. With the MAS-Seq method for single-cell isoform sequencing, you can:

  • Achieve 16-fold throughput increase compared to a regular single-cell Iso-Seq library
  • Move beyond gene counting to get full-length isoform information
  • Characterize the full diversity of transcript isoforms at the single-cell level
  • Reveal cell type-specific spliced isoforms and expressed variants

Long-read sequencing performance:


Short reads


Other long reads



Single technology


Isoform information


Variant information


Official software


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Nanobind Extraction

Nanobind CBB kit

HMW DNA extraction from cells, bacteria, and blood


Nanobind plant nuclei kit

HMW DNA extraction from plant nuclei


Nanobind tissue kit

HMW DNA extraction from animal tissues


Short-read eliminator (SRE) kits

SRE XS kit

Reagents to complete depletion/size selection of DNA <10 kb


SRE kit

Reagents to complete depletion/size selection of DNA <25 kb


SRE XL kit

Reagents to complete depletion/size selection of DNA <40 kb

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Unlock the potential of PacBio Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) sequencing using our portfolio of tools to analyse, visualise and annotate your sequencing data.

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The PacBio Certified Service Provider (CSP) Program is a global network of validated sequencing service labs that provides access to Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing.

AGRF-UQ PacBio Service

Instrument(s):  Sequel II System


Genomics WA

Phone:+61 (08) 61510763
Instrument(s):  Sequel II

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