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Advance your research with Rockland's ready-to-use primary antibodies, generated from a variety of hosts and ideal for researching apolipoproteins, apoptosis, epigenetics, the extracellular matrix—to name a few. Our antibodies can recognize and bind with high affinity and specificity to purify, detect, and quantify the antigen.

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Secondary antibodies are used with various types of assays, including ELISA, Western blot (WB), immunohistochemistry (IHC), and flow cytometry (FC). Secondary antibody type is selected according to the class of the primary antibody (e.g., IgG or IgM), the source host, and the kind of label such as horseradish peroxidase (HRP). Most primary antibodies are of the IgG class and are produced in a common set of host species that includes rabbit, mouse, goat, or chicken.

Rockland offers a wide range of secondary options for almost every possible experimental protocol.

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Immunoprecipitation (IP) and Western Blot (WB) protocols provide highly specific results but often suffer from poor or non-specific binding, high background, and heavy/light chain interference. Rockland's TrueBlot® line of products consists of both TrueBlot® IP beads and TrueBlot® monoclonal secondary antibodies, which combat these common experimental issues by providing increased specificity, low background, and enhanced accuracy to provide publication-quality IP Western Blots without interference from contaminating IgG.

When to Use TrueBlot® Products

The TrueBlot® product line is ideal for studying protein-protein interactions, post-translational modifications (phosphorylation and acetylation), poorly expressed proteins, and immunoprecipitated proteins with molecular weights similar to the heavy and light chain.

TrueBlot secondary antibodies preferentially detect the native, non-reduced form of IgG over the reduced form of IgG, making them ideal for Western blots of immunoprecipitated proteins. These unique detection properties reduce interference by the heavy chain (~55 kDa) and light chain (~23 kDa) of the immunoprecipitating antibody enabling unhindered detection of blotted target bands. Pair TrueBlot® antibodies with the exceptional purification properties provided by TrueBlot® IP beads to eliminate the common issues of IP-Western Blot.

TrueBlot® IP beads and TrueBlot® monoclonal secondary antibodies are available in a variety of host species and can be purchased individually, in sets with the corresponding agarose Ig IP beads, or as Western blot kits, allowing researchers the ability to choose a TrueBlot® product to fit all their research needs.

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Achieve high sensitivity and reproducible results efficiently and economically with protein detection kits from Rockland. Their easy-to-use kits are designed to provide you with all the critical components needed for your application.

Why choose Rockland kits?

Purchasing a kit from Rockland is fast and easy, requiring just a few specific inputs based on your application. From there, our scientists can help you choose the kit that best fits your needs or help develop custom products to better suit your project.

Their immunoassay kits are composed of the required antibodies (primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, or types of conjugated antibodies for specific detection), substrates, and any required enzyme for a specific experiment. The components are specifically designed to work effectively with one another, ensuring accurate and timely results. Rockland take tremendous care in assembling the types of kits researchers need, including kits for Western blot, Immunoprecipitation (IP) ChIP, ELISA, FLISA, and immunohistochemistry (IHC).

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Rockland offers control cell lysates, nuclear extracts, and animal tissues from a variety of hosts for use in SDS-PAGE and Western blot applications, as well as over 100 melanoma cell lines grouped for BRAF, N-RAS, KIT, PTEN and CDK4 mutations.

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Custom Antibody Production

Collaborative, experienced, and conducted completely in their own facilities, Rockland's custom antibody production services can drive your project from the design and synthesis of your antigen through to production and characterization of your antibody.

Protein & Antibody Characterisation

Rockland offer a growing portfolio of analytical capabilities for routine determination of purity, aggregation, size variant analysis, and charged-based separations of antibodies and other proteins that are intended for use in sensitive applications.

Antibody Modification

Rockland's experienced team is ready to customize a conjugation, fragmentation, or purification project to advance your program quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

Assay Development

Move confidently from discovery to product with Rockland's comprehensive assay development and implementation services. Our experienced scientists can customize a project to meet your needs, whether you're conducting basic, discovery, pre-clinical, or clinical research.

Cell Culture Services

Efficiently advance your program with the Cell Culture Services team at Rockland. They have over 20+ years of experience in delivering fully-transparent, customer-focused services and are ready to customize a project to meet your specific needs.

Protein Expression & Purification

Protein Expression Services

Recombinant gene constructions can be generated and produced in your expression system of choice. For our Insect and Mammalian protein expression services, we perform multiplicity of infection (MOI) assays to maximize yield, so you consistently get the amount of protein you need for your next experiment.

  • Bacterial
  • Insect Cells
  • Mammalian Cells

Antibody and Protein Purification

  • Poly His Tag protein purification
  • GST protein purification
  • Custom protein purification
  • Affinity purification
  • HPLC purification
  • HPLC Analysis
  • Concentration by ultrafiltration
  • Custom Lyophilisation

CRISPR Services

Investigate gene function, shut down the production of a particular protein, introduce specific-site mutations, or even introduce a reporter gene or regulatory DNA region by leveraging our high-quality knock-in and knock-out gene editing services and expertise that consistently delivers on challenging projects.

Knock Out Gene Editing Services

  • Single Gene Knockout
  • Multi-Gene Knockout
  • Large Deletion
  • Knockout Pools

Knock In Gene Editing Services

  • Point Mutation Insertional Mutation (i.e. epitope tagging)
  • Large Insertional Mutation (i.e. fluorescent protein fusion, transcriptional termination, etc.)
  • Multi-Gene Knock-in

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