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May 10th 10x Genomics Plant Webinar

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Why single cell profile plants?

Unmask cellular heterogeneity

  • Characterize and identify heterogeneous cell populations
  • Discover novel, sub and rare cell types
  • Identify robust marker genes

Understand function and regulation

  • Map cellular functions and their interactions
  • Understand organ functions and the significance of ploidy
  • Unravel regulatory pathways
  • Explain cell composition and gene expression changes in mutant and natural plant phenotypes in responding different stress conditions and genetic manipulations

Study differentiation and development

  • Uncover cell states and their transitions
  • Infer developmental trajectories to reveal lineage relationships during cell differentiation

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Single Cell


Visium (Spatial Biology)

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Uncovering the Hidden Complexities of Plant Biology | Webinar 

46 mins | Agrigenomics | Single Cell Gene Expression

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