Single Cell Genomics

Single cell genomics examines the sequence information from individual cells with optimized next generation sequencing technologies, providing a higher resolution of cellular differences and a better understanding of the function of an individual cell in the context of its microenvironment. Sequencing the DNA of individual cells can give information about mutations carried by small populations of cells, for example in cancer, while sequencing the RNAs expressed by individual cells can give insight into the existence and behaviour of different cell types, for example in development.

The tools for single cell genomics are advancing rapidly, from single cell sample preparation, library preparation and data analysis. The development of new, powerful assays are delivering us the ability to approach the field from a multi-omics point of view.

10x_4color.png10x Genomics - Biology at True Resolution

10x Genomics builds solutions to interrogate biological systems at a resolution and scale that matches the complexity of biology. Their rapidly expanding suite of products, which include instruments, consumables, and software, have enabled customers to make fundamental discoveries across multiple research areas, including cancer, immunology, and neuroscience.

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norgen-logo.pngNorgen - Sample Collection, Preservation and Isolation

Manual analysis of individual cells is still possible. The Single Cell RNA Purification Kit is very sensitive and is designed to work with input as low as a single cell with elution volumes down to 8ul.

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