Protein Detection and Analysis

Protein detection and analysis techniques are used to determine the quantity and purity, expression, post translational modification, structure, identification and location of proteins. 

Each protein has a unique sequence of amino acids, which in turn determines the 3 dimensional structure and function of the protein. The structural differences, along with size, charge and expression levels can be detected by a range of techniques to identify, detect and analyse the proteins. 

Common analysis techniques include electrophoresis, chromatography, mass spectrometry, crystallization, visualization via labelling and light scattering.

Common detection methods involve colorimetry assays such as simple Bradford protein quantitation, or ELISA. More sensitive quantitation assays utilize fluorescence labels. These methods can be microplate reader based, microscope based or in the case of western blots, far IR based imaging technology.

licor-logo-blue-new-whitebg.jpg LI-COR

LI-COR Biosciences is a leading innovator in systems for drug discovery, protein research, and small animal imaging.

Odyssey Near Infra Red (NIR) imaging platforms provide consistent, accurate digital images. NIR fluorescent imaging gives you low membrane fluorescence and high sensitivity. Over 6 logs of linear dynamic range allows both strong and faint bands to be captured in a single image with no saturation, with two channel multiplex fluorescence allowing multiple targets per lane. 

Odyssey M  applications include visible fluorescence, fluorescent proteins, bioluminescence, chemiluminescence, colorimetry, H&E staining, cell viability, cell proliferation, apoptosis and many more.

Odyssey DLx applications include Western blots, cell-based assays, protein arrays, gel shift assays, tissue section imaging, and more are at your fingertips with near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence on the Odyssey CLx. 

Odyssey XF applications include NIR western blots, enhanced chemiluminescent (ECL) western blots and DNA gel documentation.

norgen-logo.pngNorgen Biotek Corp. 

Norgen has successfully developed over 150 sample preparation kits for RNA, DNA, and protein purification for research purposes. 

Using a patented superior column matrix, kits from Norgen include Protein clean-up and concentration, depletion of abundant serum proteins, inclusion body proteins, urine proteins and on column proteolytic digestion. 

Norgen's kits include the leading kits in the world for the isolation and purification of total RNA and microRNA from various samples, as well as novel multi-analyte kits that allow for the sequential isolation of RNA, DNA and proteins from the same sample using a single column with no sample splitting. 

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Agilent BioTek 

Leading manufacturer of scientific instrumentation such as Multimode plate readers, imaging and microscopy, liquid handling, plate washing and automation systems. 

Multimode detection technologies for Protein detection and analysis 

  • absorbance:-quantitation
  • Alpha detection;- protein-protein interactions, small molecule inhibition of enzymes

Luminescence - BRET protein-protein interactions 

  • Fluorescent intensity- quantitation
  • TRF/HTRF- quantitation


  • immunofluorescence- structure and function of cells
  • cell viability/toxicity
  • fast kinetics- GPCRs

Liquid handling 

  • Automated media exchange
  • Plate washing- ELISA assays
  • Dispensing- drug screens

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unchained-labs-logo-01.pngUnchained Labs

A portfolio of 10 game changing products providing researchers with the right tool for the job. 

Lunatic - Batch quantification of proteins, DNA and RNA 2ul sample up to 96 samples in 5 minutes. Download tech note

Stunner - Only system able to measure Dynamic light scattering size and UV/Vis concentration from the same sample at the same time. Protein quality assessed by concentration, hydrodynamic size, polydispersity and aggregate detection. Download tech note

Uncle - Stability screener. Combines 3 difference measurement modes, Fluorescence, SLS and DLS. Makes picking the best formulation of protein construct easier. Download tech note

Hunky -  Stability characterizer. Quantify your protein's stability and know if it's going to aggregate now, not later. Download tech note

Punk - Using Dynamic Light scattering (DLS) provides protein hydrodynamic size and aggregate population in 5ul samples. Download tech note

Big Tuna -   buffer exchange of one protein, 96 or anything in between. 

Big Kahuna - takes on your entire biologics formulation development process and automates it end to end.  Custom solution to incorporate multiple Unchained technologies in one platform to suit your needs. 

Junior - Benchtop simplifier. Automates routine and difficult biologics formulation  tasks. Viscosity, pH and visual inspection. 

Hound - Particle identifier. Check the quality of your drugs. Combines microscopy, Raman and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) to forensically identify particles by their chemical and elemental fingerprints. Download tech note

Boucer - Silicone thickness monitoring for injectable devices. Download tech note

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