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Automated patch clamp technology

IonFlux provides the highest degree of control over fluidics for specialised ion channel assays. With its unique microfluidic plates, IonFlux is the only system where all cell recordings and liquid exchange are performed within the plate proper. Without the hindrance of liquid handlers, the system advances high throughput ion channel experiments by providing unique attributes that permit specialized assays, impossible or impractical using other asynchronous systems.


IonFlux Mercury 16  represents the next generation in the automated patch clamp system. With features such as 16 parallel recordings using 16 independent amplifiers, remote and touch screen experiment execution, highly extended recording times, exceptionally fast fluid exchange system, standardized temperature control, and optional current clamp. IonFlux Mercury is the most compact yet full featured stand-alone high throughput automated patch clamp instrument on the market.


The IonFlux Mercury HT takes all the technology of the IonFlux Mercury 16 and multiplies the throughput by 4. With 64 amplifiers, continuous flow and extremely flexible liquid exchange, the IonFlux Mercury HT can sometimes be the only means to achieve higher throughput with extremely complicated flow-dependent ion channel assays.


IonFlux Mercury Ultra is the latest iteration of the industry-leading IonFlux platform, with enhancements in every aspect of the technology. With 256 independent amplifiers capable of non-stop recordings, and an uninterrupted sweep length of up to 300 seconds, IonFlux Mercury Ultra extends the IonFlux system's industry-leading capabilities in compound delivery, rapid solution exchange, and assay flexibility. Now, the most complicated ligand-gated and demanding voltage-gated assays can run in parallel, decreasing experiment time and accelerating completion of projects.

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Cellular Analysis - BioFlux Systems

Live cell assays are often performed in well plates to test multiple conditions and compounds in parallel. But many biological questions require more than simply adding cells into a dish. The BioFlux system provides the ability to emulate physiological shear flow in an in vitro model, while still maintaining a convenient well plate format. This opens up a multitude of experiments which could never be done in static well plates.



Looking for a simple microfluidic solution for your current microscope? The  BioFlux One  can run up to 24 simultaneous flow cell experiments and is ideal for platelet aggregation, leukocyte adhesion, and biofilm analysis. It works with your existing inverted microscope and is compatible with fluorescence, brightfield, phase and confocal imaging.

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Looking to add functionality to your existing microscopy setup? The  BioFlux 200  expands on BioFlux One by enabling up to 24 temperature-controlled flow cell assays in parallel. The dual flow control capability enables more complicated 2-phase flow assays. It is also compatible with the BioFlux Quattro for up to 96 parallel flow assays.


Looking for a simple, fully integrated solution? The  BioFlux DCIS  integrates the BioFlux controller with a digital microscope, fluorescence, and two cameras. The easy-to-use live cell imaging system been designed with advanced capabilities to simplify demanding cell-based imaging applications with convenience and flexibility.


Looking for the ultimate solution for imaging flexibility and capability? The  BioFlux 1000z  offers nearly unlimited flexibility with respect to microscope options, software analysis, and image capture. It provides a high content screening platform for running physiologically-relevant shear flow assays.

BioFlux Consumables

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Liquid Biopsy

IsoFlux CTC Isolation System

The IsoFlux System enriches intact rare cells from biological samples and prepares them for further analysis. It gives you immediate access to high-quality, viable cells in a high-density format, ready for use in the application of your choice.


  • Validated using thousands of samples across key solid tumor types, including lung, colorectal, breast, prostate, pancreatic, kidney, liver, bladder, etc.
  • Validated to recover CTCs even during early-stage disease
  • Complete kits and workflows for enumeration and NGS
  • Multiple isolation kits available: EpCAM, EpCAM/EGFR, EpCAM/EGFR/Mesenchymal, and user-defined


  • Isolate cells and vesicles of several types, such as CTCs, exosomes, fetal cells from maternal blood, and rare immune cells.
  • Complete kits and workflows for enumeration and NGS
  • Multiple isolation kits available: EpCAM, EpCAM/EGFR, EpCAM/EGFR/Mesenchymal, and user-defined

Product Sheet

IsoFlux CTC & rare cell analysis kits

Kit Description
Enhanced CTC Kit, 8 pack (EpCAM/EGFR)
Validated for use with the enumeration kit and the IsoFlux CTC NGS Prep Kit. Recovery based on EpCAM and EGFR. The most commonly used CTC enrichment kit.
CTC Enrichment Kit, 8 pack (EpCAM)
Validated for high sensitivity recovery of CTCs. Recovery based on EpCAM antigen presence. Validated for use with the IsoFlux Enumeration Kit and the the CTC NGS Prep Kit.
EMT Enrichment Kit, 8 pack (EpCAM/EGFR/Mesenchymal)
Validated to recover both epithelial and mesenchymal cell types, this is the most comprehensive set of recovery markers.  Five different markers are used, including three mesenchymal markers, EpCAM, and EGFR. Validated for use with the CTC NGS Prep Kit. 
Rare Cell Enrichment Kit, 8 Pack (User-customized)
The RCE kit was designed with maximum flexibility in mind. The magnetic bead surface is coated with pan-mouse IgG molecules, allowing users to couple their own antibodies to the beads for targeted cell capture.
IsoFlux Enumeration Kit
Reagent and antibody kit for enumeration of CTCs in IsoFlux samples using immunofluorescence. CTCs are defined as CK+, CD45-, and nucleated intact cells. Contains enough reagent to stain 200 IsoFlux samples or more depending on usage habits. 
IsoFlux CTC NGS Prep Kit

Designed for processing of IsoFlux CTC samples, the NGS Prep Kit prepares the recovered CTCs for genomic analysis. The kit contains purity enhancement columns and WGA reagents, producing DNA ready for NGS library prep or PCR. Used in conjunction with Fluxion's Spotlight Oncology Panels, the NGS Prep Kit creates a complete sample-to-answer assay for high-sensitivity mutation detection of solid tumor cancers from CTCs.

Spotlight NGS Liquid Biopsy Panels


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